The Inner Source Digest – Unit: 7-8

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EMRE’s Conversations: 7
November 1957

(Notes saved from a conversation at 21.11.1956 )

Emre – A person can only be killed with contemplation. When contemplation shows us our helplessness and nothingness, we hand in our being, our self to our Master (owner). Then, this is the end of sin. We can’t sin anymore…

Sin and good deed is the prison of people. They have been our prison because we don’t know their reality. But it is not easy to understand this also…

Thought ascends us to the remark “One and only deputy is God”. Lets hand in our account, our job to God and let him to perform.  

I swear, even there is also no need for thought. Only the spark of love is necessary… Even asceticism is idol near love…

Niyazi says for the ego “whenever it overcomes, don’t feed it anymore”. The real asceticism is the one which belongs to the mind. Once upon a time we hadn’t say this but we say it now… Best horse is the one which is strong and careful. If it is strong, it saves you.  The important thing is to know how to ride. If you don’t know, even a sheep also lets you fall. The writer of the book “Mohammedia” says: “Our wisdom is asceticism which is the mirror of moment’s secret”. Love and wisdom is the only need.

Q. – Isn’t asceticism necessary till we find love?

Emre – No, I think if we can’t find a (mirror), we can’t see our face. A person can’t love someone without seeing.

Q.- The important thing is to love without seeing.

Emre – Again Niyâzi says: “Is it possible to urge fire blowing it remotely ?

Q.- At least a person loves himself/herself.

Emre – This is infernal. (I), (Self) can never be God! God forbid!

If they try self-denial then at the end they say “I” to their self which is the enemy. God ordered us “to kill” it actually. Then every effort becomes useless, they are all for nothing…

I’ve also encountered this state three times. When I was working in spiritual case, in a bilberry field, (Self) appearred beyond the hedge. But it was so beautiful, marvelous. Suddenly I’ve bonded to my tutor then said : “No, you are my enemy, go! May God help you” then it left in a huff.

Once again, a spiritual experience is occurred.At one time Develioğlu have told us about phoenix for months. He said “You hear but don’t understand!”.  I’ve imaged phoenix in a cage because of its bird name. One day he said ; “I will show phoenix to the one who fast forty days long twice” . I’ve intended to do it. Anyway the aim is already contained in an intension. When I ‘ve starved 17-18 days long, I’ve seen a spiritual vision in which a big crowd running to the station and yelling as Phoenix, Phoenix… Then we came to the station. It was a huge place such that all of the people were in there.  They were all looking upside. I’ve seen that the feet of people are connected with a black rope to each other and stakes. It was someting like if one of them bended all of them would be bended together. I’ve seen that my feet were free.

There were so much lamps; it was like daylight without sun. For a moment I’ve seen myself in the sky up the station. I was in sitting position with my feet tied. My head crowned with palm branch. The stones of this crown was illuminating the environment. I said  “You are my ego! I’ve seen you before. You, infidel!” . I’ve so shouted that everybody looked at me. Someone said “look at him “ . I said “no, I don’t. “

Later on there happened something a movement in the sky. When I look, I’ve seen that a black cloud like a mountain is ascending and descending.  When I turned to it, everybody also turned. Black cloud descended upon us just in minaret height… I looked carefully there were two eyes shining. The cloud again ascended. While I was thinking that how are its wings it descended to the earth.  I looked, its feather was so shiny…

Green, blue, soft… Its arms and legs are covered with feather. It bend down. When I looked carefully, I’ve seen that the one which I thought as Phoenix was, Develioğlu’s himself…

And then I couldn’t sleep anymore. And a diarrhea started. One day I’ve told him this spiritual vision. He said “now did you understand Phoenix?” and added  “its enough, lets give up the self-denial, because you have a job”.

All of them are same if you believe. Someone digged a well, lets try to drink water. The aim is to drink water not to dig the well. If you say “I will also dig a well” , your life is not enough long to do it. Here is Zamzam (holy water) . Someone digged the well; we benefit from it. But is it this one real Zamzam? Egyptian Ministary of Healt have forbidden Zamzam because of its bacillus, microbe. Don’t have they right? The real Zamzam is, the Zamzam of kalam (word), Zamzam of love, and it is drunken by eyes and ears. This is the actual good deed.

It is necessary to know the meaning of good deed. Each of them has a wisdom (hikmah) . It is needed to search, to find, to know them.  Why should I say amen for the word which I don’t know? The word good deed (Sevab) derived from Arabic (Sevb) word. It means cloth. Now learn this wisdom, let your mind put on a cloth of state and knowledge.  

Doesn’t provisions change in the course of time? Did they know the bacterias on ancient times? Nowadays they can see the microbes and bacillus by means of a microscope.

All in good time, lets search Koran, and then see it contains each progression. Aren’t the stones which are made red-hot and described in verse of  “Elephant” the same as bombs and don’t they riddle the place where they’ve fallen.

If you see something in Koran which is contradicts the nature, you must think that they are some symbols aiming to point the truth. Lets analyze them through the mind and thought and then evaluate. Forwhy the words of The Prophet Mohammed are always new, because they belong God.

Q.- It is said that some people walk on the water to show their miracle.

Emre – We also pass through the water but when we are together with goose.

(Buddha) have had this royalty of miracle. He was also a prophet, but the prophets who are the owner of holy book don’t mention about him. Because he wasn’t complete enough to control the power of miracle and stayed in the whirl of miracle.

Buddha was the prophet of Turks. He had made rain when he wished. Still children of Adana call Buddha unconsciously while they are saying “Bodi! Bodi!”.

Buddha had commanded snake not to bite then it hadn’t. But God has given it a will and capacity to bite in order to struggle. If it loose this power, how can a snake defend itself?

Is there anything other than ego and pride in showing the miracle? What is the result? They would have said  “he spit his tummy!”, “he entered the fire!”, “he walked on the sea!” . Just like the poet said: “Lets they say this man is an expert in drinking yogurt”. But God request only a benign heart not miracle.

Q. – Doesn’t it have any necessity?

Emre – It is not the aim.

Sometimes this state manifests from the ones who have a tendency to the miracles. But most of them are pegged down. Instead of this, it’s better not to enter this path. The one who like the miracle and stay there, are the infidels. If a christian tried self-denial, then a lot of states would be manifested from him also.  

Look at the performance of Indian fakirs(indigent). But is there any usage of this to the humanity, even their country? Isn’t it just selfhood? Does this state lead the human to The Truth? It surely doesn’t.

The sages didn’t prefer those things. If their path met the state of miracle they wouldn’t stay there and they gave up this state. They named this state as “menstruation of wisdom”. They’ve thought about miracle this like bad.

EMRE’s Conversations:7

(Notes which are saved from the conversation in a wedding)


Emre – The thing which is called as “woman mind” doesn’t only belong to women. There are a lot of men having woman mind. Beside, there are a lot of women with “man mind” .

 Woman mind corresponds to the mind which is not progressed. It’s very hard for this type of mind to be saved from childhood. But actually every mind; everybody is so great when he/she escaped from lust. 

To be saved from lust is very important subject. Our eye is also same as the other people, consisting of the same matters but with different vision. Outside is similar but not the inside. If you are in love with a mortal that’s the lust. We don’t love someone other than our master. We love everybody, each person because they’re all created by the Glorious Maker. When a mortal is making something, the dirt of his hand gets into his work. But his own divine light is transmitted to the people created by The Glorious Maker. Because his creation is without hand or foot but with his own divine light.

The people who separate man and woman are the ones who are the recipient of misleader, intriguer names of God. But for the ones who have a vision of oneness, they are all child or brother/sister.

The Prophet Mohammed have said “I’ve just loved woman in your world”. He didn’t love woman with lust. He was not beaten in lust. In his time and before women was contempted in society. Girls were been buried to the earth alive. Even St Omar, buried his own doughter before he met The Prophet Mohammed. After he met him and learn the humanity, when his conscious woke up, sometimes he have cried with acute remorse. Someday when he was sitting with the other friends in front of The Prophet Mohammed he remembered how he buried his doughter and started to cry. The Prophet Mohammed actually knows the reason but in order to give a lesson to the ones who tend to contempt the woman, asks: “You Omar! Why do you cry?”, he replied “My Prophet! I’ve remembered the day when I buried my doughter alive. I am crying for this reason. When I was trying to bury, my beard have gotten dirty and my doughter said: “Wait father, there is some soil in your beard, let me clean it and then you bury my arms” and I said “Ok”. I’ve waited her and when she finished the cleaning. I buried her without any regret. I was inhuman at those times.” And the he started to cry again and again. Although, there is a big difference between his mind at those times and his mind during his sultanship of justice.

So, The Prophet Mohammed have said “ I’ve just loved woman in your world” in order to save the society from this bad belief. We also need to love woman. We must evaluate her as valued and then respect. We must give her the rights if she is able to save and appreciate. We must educate the girls properly. If our women would be enlightened and free but also decent, the society would proceed. Because men who will govern the society gains the first education from their mother. The character which is given by mother can’t change easily. For this reason, there is a remark  “there is not much difference between the 40 days long baby and a 40 years old person. “ That means the character which is gained as 40 days long, continues till to 40 years old. We get some of our character from our mother’s milk. Mother’s milk that means character must be proper. If she has a good character then our character would also be clean and good. The first training which is given by mother is like a base for the later education and training.  The future of a nation is in the hands of women. We don’t see women with lust. The discrimination of man and woman is not at outside, but in character. Lust is not just sexual lust, but every desire that defeats a person is lust.

God helped me not to have the same characters with people but to unify with them in spirituality, surrounding them all. The ones who know God are like the pigeon. One of the woman is his wife, the other which is the oldest one is his mother, the young one is his doughter and the one who is at the same age is his fellow citizen. Look, we are sitting with our sisters. If we feel that “this is woman hand” when we touch, we are the most denied person. Look, how we kiss this child with such love, we also kiss her when she becomes an adult with the same love but from inside.

Woman must be trained as free. She must not be behind of veil and chador. She must be aware of the danger in order to save herself. Someone who is against our remark “woman must be free” wrote us a letter and said  “Isn’t it necessary for women to run away from men?” , if there is someome who chase after her then she needs to run… If a woman closes her heart, all of her body will also be hidden.

The first step of sufism is ethic, the last one is also ethic. The human can’t cognize the nature of God, unless she/he forget about her/his own nature. The veil of the person’s eye is the main nature. There is a verse in Koran which says “lets kill your own character” . The veil will be opened just after the death of our old character. Then the secret of the remark “Lets get the character of God”  will be manifested…

The ethic which is against four holly book and law isn’t the proper one. The ethic which obeys the law is right but the one who likes his/her own ethic is stupid.


Ahmed’e sordular; (Sen niçin geldin?)
(Ahu efgân ile sîneler deldin?)
Der ki: Kerîm ahlâk, arkasından din…
Bu ilmin rehberi: ahlâk ve edep.

Edeple olunur, Mevlâya vasıl,
Tahsil eylediysen, sen deme, nasıl?
İkmâl eylemeden; olur ne hâsıl?
Bu ilmin rehberi, ahlâk ve edep.

Eğer uyanırsa, sendeki vicdân,
Gelir de oturur, içine Rahman;
O vakit bilinir, dîn ile İmân,
Bu ilmin rehberi; ahlâk ve edep.

İlmullah meyvadır; şeriat dışı;
Tanrıya varanın, bunlar yoldaşı;
Mevlâ kervanının, bu (Aşk)tır başı;
Bu ilmin rehberi: ahlâk ve edep.

Bir yolcuyuz, yoktur, kilometresi;
O şehir görünmez, duyulmaz sesi;
Attığımız adım: insan nefesi;
Bu ilmin rehberi: ahlâk ve edep.

Gelip gittiğini, bilmeyen insan,
Tariflere göre, sanki bir hayvan;
Emânet verilmiş, (bilinmedik can);
Bu ilmin rehberi: ahlâk ve edep.

Uyan gönül! eyle, durma, tefekkür:
(Bu dünyada âmâ âhirette kör);
Hayat elde iken, gözünü aç, gör!
Bu ilmin rehberi: ahlâk ve edep.

(Maşrık)ın güneşi, (Mağrip)ten doğmuş;
Arkaya seyretmek, neden gelir hoş?
(Emre)! geri kalma, yönünü dön, koş!
Bu ilmin rehberi: ahlâk ve edep.

Zamaneye göre değişir ahkâm:
Seyret, tebdil olur, durmadan, âlem:
Evvel (kamış) iken, (altun)dur kalem;
(Emre)! bu ilmin başı: ahlâk ve edep.

20.5.1952 Captured by: Fuzûle Emre

Ahmed is asked ; (Why did you come?)
(Moaningly you affected the bossom?)
He replied: “Kind ethic and the religion…
Ethic and decency leads this wisdom.”

Decency makes you reach to God,
Don’t say how, if you’re educated…
As an unfulfilled, what can be formed,
Ethic and decency leads this wisdom.

If your conscious becomes awake,
The Merciful comes in and penetrate;
Then it’s known the religion and faith,
Ethic and decency leads this wisdom.

The sharia is shell; Holy Wisdom is fruit;
For the one in ascention, they’re assistant.
For this caravan of God, love is intendant,
Ethic and decency leads this wisdom.

We are the voyagers without distance;
This city is invisible and also voiceless;
With the aid of human breath, we progress;
Ethic and decency leads this wisdom.

The one unaware of how he came and went,
Is being described just like a beast;
An unknown life is given in trust;
Ethic and decency leads this wisdom.

Wake up my heart! On and on contemplate:
(The blind here is also blind in afterdeath );
While you are still alive wake up, understand!
Ethic and decency leads this wisdom.

The sun of east, rised from the west;
Why it’s so liked to deal with the past?
(Emre)! Don’t lag, reverse your way, trot!
Ethic and decency leads this wisdom.

Through the time change the provisions:
Watch, always being changed the universe:
Pen is made of gold was cane in the past;
(Emre)! Wisdom begins with ethic and decency.


(We offer this related revelation to our valued readers:)

EMRE’s Conversations: 8

(Notes which could be saved from different conversations.):

Q. – Is there any objection in drinking rakı unless without being blind drunk?

Emre – If you taste once, it keeps on…

Two Turkish men had gone to Saudi Arabia. While they were walking alone, one of them have found an open door and saw some people were having lunch. He entered by saying “peace be with you” and sat the table without waiting their welcome. Because of not knowing Arabic, he had started to eat without giving attention to what they’ve said. Houseowner was a miser. He said to the stranger who started to eat “kum, halli!”, which means  “Stand up, leave them!” He thought that they are also calling his friend whose name was Halil. He called his friend “come Halil, they invite you too”. This case is similar. If you started once then it goes on.

*    *    *

(Emre, have told these when he was mentioning about a conversation with prestigious persons in Ankara. )

Emre – While we were talking about politicy they asked my opnion; I said: I swear sir, I’m not dealing with any party, I’m republican. The eternal one is nation. The people which will govern the society and nation is generated by the time. Each society has the leaders according to the time. If Atatürk comes today, he can’t govern this society because of the changed conditions.

Each knowledge is proceeding towards to the perfection. We have to teach our knowledge to the youth and stand back. They will add their own understanding to what we’ve taught and then they will become more intelligent than us. If we say “we are better than the youth “ this is backwardness. But the proficiency of youth is actually the proficiency of us.

This is also similar to the case of sufism and Islam. If we think that The Prophet Mohammed is 1372 years back, that means we actually don’t know Islam. If he is our tutor, then he is leading us (in front of us) . We have to know and see that he is with us and also we have to be vanished in him. In this way Islam will be perfected. Islam is not composed of only sheikhdom, discipleship, tariqa. Reflection is necessary instead of dhikr. In Koran there is a verse “The dhikr of God is the greatest one”. The dhikr here is not continuously to tell God his beads.   If it were so, the content of Koran would only consist of God. But Koran aims to teach us something more. The main dhikr is reflection which is to digest the knowledge obtained. God also says “we have send you Koran in order to contemplate”. To contemplate on our knowledge we’ve gained, widens our intellect.

The ones whose aim is to obtain knowledge for pedanticism can’t learn actually.  The real knowledge is to love the tutor who teaches this wisdom. This knowledge is transmitted to the loving heart of a lover, this is the way of learning.  

The desire of grandiosity is a play of self. This is a major shirk, which can only be killed by love.  

Q.- It’s really difficult.

Emre – It’s difficult but God shows the right way. Who came to his door and left with empty hand? Unless there is no hypocrisy, no effort is for nothing in this path. Those efforts are similar to the salary of retirement. Deduction from salary is for the payment at the end.

I swear,  even hypocrisy is accepted.

What we trust other than love is evil. If you trust in your prayer or taqwa, they are evil. Although taqwa is the door of the truth. But what is the meaning if the door is opened and we didn’t enter? In this case we are just like a keeper in front of this door.

The one who doesn’t give up the first step, can’t step the second. In short, nothingness is necessary. But what type of absence is necessary? Either absence of Devil, or absence of The Beloved God. God has shared his power to both sin and taqwa. Both of them have their soldiers. They have equal power. This war between Hormuz and Ahriman is described perfectly in book “Awakened Dreams”. But the story is not enough to understand. Bagdat is not known unless entering Bagdat. What if we know the name, the way, the distance? But if the intention is good, the result will be good. That Mighty, leads us on from this existence to that nothingness. This nothingness is the only way to reach God. When Mûsa assumed himself as wood and became absent, this Mighty had shined from the tree.

How an important book is Koran… Everything is in it, everyone can find what he/she seeked and understand. Those revelations are the sparks of Koran. If those revelations doesn’t depend on, and fit Koran, then they are fake. Doesn’t the law of Municipality depend on the Constitution? Those revelations are also depending on Koran which is the main law.


* * *

Q. – There are some remarks which can’t be accepted easily. Those remarks seem to be contradicted to our beliefs and knowledge. But because of they belong to the wise man, there sure has to be some meanings which we couldn’t understand.

Emre – Yes. For Example, Mr. Abdülbâki Gölpınarlı have told a case in İstanbul University Library. He read this in a book; one of the big sufies said: “If I am short and my front is crowded then for this reason if I can’t see my love, I put a few Koran to rise above and look at my love.” Now, is it easy to perceive those words? Those type of words seem as blasphemy if they are not properly interpreted. Love of this sufi is God actually. He wants to explain this meaning: “Unless the intellect ascend the stair of meaning, God can’t be reached.”

This sufi, has said this in some conversation with close friends. Mr. Abdülbâki also has said this remark because he thinks that I’m not a stranger.

The intellect can ascend the stair of the digested meanings to reach and then vanish in God. Just so keep on walking. It has been told that The Prophet Mohammed doesn’t wear the same shirt twice.

20–25 years ago, I think in 1931; we were coming from Istanbul. In our compartment two hodja from Konya were discussing on this subject till we arrive at Konya. One of them said; “The Prophet Mohammed was so rich that he didn’t wear the same shirt twice.” The other one said: “If so, why did he say  “I am proud of destitution”” . It was a long discussion. At the end they asked me ; “What do you say?” I said ; “both of you have right”. They asked “how?”. I replied “If you listen, I will tell you what I know. The destitution which The Prophet Mohammed said, isn’t related with the outside. The aim of this remark is to show that he has been absent in God that means he sacrified his intellect and his will to God.  He understood with all conscious that his knowledge and good manners comes from God. His understanding himself as “nothing” was his proud .“ The one who said , “The Prophet Mohammed was rich” liked this explanation. Because he thought that The Prophet Mohammed had a lot of shirts. The other hodja bored. Then I said “Those shirts aren’t belong to body, they belong to the intellect. The Prophet Mohammed, have digested all of the beliefs of his mind, and the states in the path of God then he ascended to the new states.  He didn’t possess his own state, he improved his mind continuosly in order to understand the truth. The shirts which are changed are the shirts of his state. “They liked this explanation very much.

In past, such stories had been making up in order to tell the truth. They had enveloped the truth in order to open it. For example  “he weared an iron shoe, he took an iron baton and traveled for years to find his lover”. But actually this remark points the distance between the human mind and the thought of God.

Now, it is the most beatiful and free time for the truth; everything is being said clearly.

17.11.1957 Captured by: Şevket Kutkan

EMRE’s Anectodes, aphorism, instantaneous answers

* If we tolerate a trouble or misfortune and accept it with pleasure, this misfortune or trouble becomes the feed of the soul.

* Human loves human while his humanity is improving. Can there be relatives or children of animals? Human is similar to the tree. He/she doesn’t separate his/her branches.

* Q.- Do you have any relation with a party?

* Emre – No, we are actually united, not partitioned…

* To lough is easy and to cry is hard. Two piece of sugar can’t cohere if they are dry, but they can cohere if they are wet. In spirituality also people are connected with tear.

* It’s so nice the volunteers of pilgrimage make peace with the ones which they offended by…

*Let’s not be hurt and huff someone. In a broken bowl, can water stay? In a broken heart also God can’t stay.

Sufi Meaning of Nasreddin Hodja Narratives

Lay down on the lake if you are clever

The wood was run out in Hodja’s house. His wife said: “Hodja! We have run out of wood, go cut firewood from mountain but be careful, they must be dry!”

Hodja goes to the forest, loads the woods on donkey. While coming home he wonders if they can fire and strikes a match on woods. Donkey starts to run when he burns. Hodja, shoutes after him : “Lay down on the lake if you are clever!”

EMRE’s Explanation:

Human has the nature of all animals. The nature of donkey is stubbornness. Human also has this character. The symbol of donkey described by Nasreddin Hodja points to this nature of human.  

Hodja have tried to teach the wisdom of truth to a friend. But this man didn’t give up the knowledge which he learned in madrasah. Wood corresponds to this knowledge of madrasah. I mean wooden knowledge.  Can there be any leaf, or fruit on the wood?

When Hodja sees that his friend can’t progress his (knowledge) to the (state ),  in another word he can’t throw the woods of his mind, even he doesn’t want to throw, then he burns those woods with the fire of love. The man can’t stand the fire of love and runs away from Hodja. But Hodja doesn’t give up kindness, and shouts after him in order to show the way of salvation: “If you have mind,  dive to the ocean of (Unity)!…” I mean the loving heart of a perfect human…