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EMRE’s Conversations: 5
September 1957

(Continuing from the previous issue)

M.B.- One of the Sheiks is saying that ; “My students must not read the books other than mine “.

Emre – Knowledge belongs to God, the knowledge of God surrounds just like God. I mean everybody has the the right to access. How can it be? That’s the bigotry.

Why do you look at the leg of woman? It’s just a piece of earth…

Q. – We heard that the other prophets saw the creations of God but The Prophet Mohammed exactly saw the God’s himself.

Emre – Yes, it’s exactly true. He had been together with God’s self. Moses talked to God but he couldn’t see him. He said God “show me yourself “ . The answer for such a question is “You can’t see me!”.He could have seen if he had a capability. The capability of The Prophet Mohammed was high, just so he vanished in God.

Q.- Is this the reason of his being the last prophet?

Emre – He left no difficulty. The Koran is always new, it contains everything. In order to see, awareness is needed. Does the Bible mention about spinning of the earth? All of the sciences exist in Koran but in a short way, with a few words. There was no time to explain deeper.

Q.- Is Koran the work of art of The Prophet Mohammed?

Emre – No, did The Prophet Mohammed even said for The Old Testament, Bible that “it’s not the remark of God?” Can it be an English remark if it is said by an Englishman?

Q.- It’s fine but wouldn’t it have been better if The Prophet Mohammed told Koran without saying “I am receiveing those words from God?”

Emre – How can it be? Are the ego based remarks similar to kalam of God? The remark of ego and worldly science is finite, but the kalam of God is eternal. When the mortal died, his/her saying is also dead. The kalam/words of one who is receiving his/her knowledge and remarks from God is eternal. Because it doesn’t belong to him/her. Such a person is ashamed to say for those remarks coming from God as his/her remarks. He/she is ashamed of people and God.

Q.- Is there any difference between a scientist who is an explorer and the one who has unified with God?

Emre – Mr Turgut Akkaş mentioned about Einstein’s remark before his death: “I thought that I am the performer. Actually the One performing have always been God. I was in great error because of not thinking God.”

Q. – Didn’t he ever think about it?

Emre – Is it enough only to think about? Einstein have passed away in regret, I mean he confessed his weakness. I love this very much.

Q.- Many scientists aware of this weakness at the end of life. They have the faith indirectly.

Emre – Einstein said : “I wish one percent of my thought would be the thought of God .”His effort can’t be useless. At least he never hurt someone.  

Q.- God is creating human but human is also trying to kill his/her ego and then in such a way can we say that human also create God?

Emre – Both blasphemy and faith come from God. Dark and light also comes from God. Does it mean human created light when he/she passed light side from the dark side? 

Q.- Isn’t it enough to be in order and in the way of God? I think it is unnecessary to bond someone in order to reach God.

Emre – Can it be unnecessary? If it is, why children go to school to learn reading and writing knowledge? If the teacher is necessary in that case, it is also necessary in this case.

Q.- But everybody can’t follow this action of spiritual realm.

Emre – If he/she wishes, he/she can.

Q. – Isn’t it necessary to give up wordly jobs in order to follow this subject?

Emre – No, rather the ones who aware of this state, do the wordly jobs more consciously. We have to work just like there is no death, we have to prepare just like we will die soon.

I don’t work nowadays because of my illness. I’ve worked a lot previously. Having job didn’t prevent my walking in this path.

I was welding some time ago in their house. While welding, revelations occured. I was working and saying revelation at the same time. Grandma was coming, bringing the paper and pen to record the revelation.

(We offer two revelations of Emre related with this subject to our worthy readers:) .

Nene der ki; (Söylesen de, ben yazsam…)*
Ben neyleyim, yine geldi, bastı gam;
İhtiyaç mı olur âşık olana?
Vasıtaya lüzum yok, geldi ilham.

Ayrı olanlara lâzım Cebrail;
Vasıtaya lüzum yok, ayrı değil;
Tâ ezelden zâtında gaiboldum,
Birleşmiştir, ayrılmak, olmaz kabil.

Zatında mahvolan hiç bilmez sıfat
Sıfat bilenlere olur mu necat
Çok şükür ki diyen, duyan bir oldu,
İki dersek, o ilden ederler tard.

Halkı Hak’tan, Hakkı halktan ayırmak;
Tecelli eyledi her sıfattan Hak;
Târif için bir söz diyecek (Emre):
Cevheri yetiştirmiyor mu toprak?

“I wish you say and I write…”grandma said;
I’m hopeless, grief came again and covered;
For a lover, how can an agent required?
Inspiration came, needless an agent…

For the separate ones, Gabriel is must,
We’re united; no need for an agent,
Eternally, in Himself I have been lost,
We are unified; no way for being apart.

The one perished in Self, disregards attribute,
Can the one dealing with attribute be saved?
Thankfully, sayer and hearer are unified,
If we say two, we’ll be fired from this realm.

We don’t separate People and God;
God manifests from each attribute;
To define, Emre will say a word;
Isn’t the substance grown by the earth?

* Grandma: Mrs. Vasfiye Değirmenci
1.3 1950 Captured by: Celâl Çalım

Defterini aldı yürüdü Nene;
Fakat bu aşk beni bürüdü gene;
Bakın bu (Emre) bir hâle tutulmuş
Defter yazmak, bozmak onun nesine…

Aşka düşen insan, canı unutur,
Çırpınırken, ona denilir mi: (dur!)?
Dünyayı fark etmez, son nefesteki,
Sözleri dinlemek ona gelir zor.

Ona yeter (Maşuka) sının hâli,
Gözlerinden gitmez onun hayâli
Eğer gitse, dili tutulur, kalır,
Daim dinler onu bülbül misali.

Dünyayı unutmuş, ona aşk yeter,
Hasretin kokusu burnunda tüter.
Deliye akıllı nasihat etse,
Hâlleri artar da, olur beter.

Siz bu hâli sorun pervanelerden
(Emre) ateş olmuş, görünür beden;
Göz, kulak, hissiyet olur mu közde?
Yangına misaldir, canı terk eden.

Grandma took her notebook and walked,
But with this love, I’m again occupied;
Look this (Emre) being in such a mood,
How dare he writes or erases the notebook?

The one falled in love forgets the spirit,
While flopping, can we say him “stop it” ?
Can’t aware the world the one in last breath,
For him, to hear the speech is difficult.

For him, it’s enough The Beloved’s mood,
In his eyes, his image is steady-state.
If the image is lost, he becomes silent,
Listens him ever like a nightingale…

Contented with love, he forgot the world,
While being in an intensive longing mood,
If a sage would give an advise to the mad,
His mode increases and becomes worse.

From the luna moth, ask about this mode,
Emre, while being a flame, seems as body;
Does an ember has a sense, an ear or an eye?
Who gave up the spirit, looks like the fire.

Q.- Don’t you aware while revealing?

Emre – No, I aware just at the end.

Q. – We have watched a movie about the life of a musician. He was writing notes on the rear of cars. While the car was moving, he was also moving together. He was passing through the cavities unaware. Children was following him, he wasn’t aware.

M.B. – Once I’ve seen Yahya Kemal in a tramcar. He was whistling by himself. Lower minded ones just like us, think this state as deficiency.

Emre – I am an ignorant man. During the education of this state something happened; while collecting, I have been collected actually.

Q. – This state is revealing in villeins who are loved by God.

 Emre – God loves everyone.

Q. – Why doesn’t this state occur from me?

 Emre – Look, you are also listening. I didn’t want to say a revelation. I was just in love with the spiritual inner face of Develioğlu; I had no other demand. I expected and waited this state would manifestate from other friends. In this realm neither you, nor me exists. He has been saying from someone and listening from the other. The aim is not your saying or mine. The aim is to utilize. So, lets utilize together. The drop of water is counted on earth. If we fall to the sea, does the sea distinguish and throw us?

 Q. – When we fall, we gain the power of the sea, isn’t it?

 Emre – Now, we either gain or lose… Here benefit is to lose, to lose him/her self.

(During this time, the revelation related with Mevlânâ(Rumi) is read.

Sen bilgine ne eyledi Şemseddîni Tebrîzi:
Dalgaladı tâ ezelden bâki duran denizi;
Dalga bâki, insan bâki, gaibolmaz hiç izi,
Batıp batıp çıkan sensin Yâ Hazreti Mevlânâ

How Şemseddîni Tebrîzi impressed you, such a wise:
He waved eternally continued sea of existence,
Eternal wave, eternal human, never lost trace,
Oh Rumi! Diving and rising one is just you…

Emre asked pointing the meaning of the stanza in that revelation:

Emre – Where is Mevlânâ? Does he alive? But this state is always eternal.

For this reason it is said in the revelation: “Şemseddîni Tebrîzi, waved the sea which is eternally continued existence.”

Human mind is similar to the water. Human can see his/her face in it, if it is stable. We can’t see our face if it is waved with the waves of desire and lechery. Human can’t see God unless he/she cleans his/her mind by means of water of wisdom and fire of love.

Q. – Why do you disunite mind and love?

Emre – What was our food in our mother’s tummy?

Q.- Blood.

Emre – Then?

Q. –Milk.

Emre – Can you suck milk of a woman?

Q. – No.

Emre – Weren’t you human in your mother’s tummy? You were, but you were conditioned to your mother in each aspect. After your birth, you became baby, child, teenage and then human. Now across this way of progression, mind is just like the baby phase…

Q. – Ok. Then there comes the phase of love succeeding mind phase?

Emre – But dont’t let it be misunderstood. We will not leave and throw the mind.

Q. – Doesn’t the role of the mind remain after reaching the level of love?

Emre – How doesn’t? The one which is growing to become love is the intellect itself. How can we throw it?

Q. – This explanation is beautiful.

Emre – Could you able to have a job in a bank during your second class of elementary school? Now, the same mind of yours can calculate the bank accounts. Why? Because now you are grown up.

Q. – It’s necessary to become old.

Emre – Becoming old or refreshing? I think it’s necessary to refresh instead of becoming old.

Q. – Your remarks are good in a beautiful form of explanation. But if we leave everyone alone he/she has to start from the beginning. So the books and knowledge written and said about this subject must be instructed and made cognized. 

 Emre – The whole knowledge and science written and said until now is remained backward. We have to turn our direction to the tutor who is going in front of us. He/she is the source of all knowledge belonging to past and the future.

 Q. – Can the one know the future who doesn’t aware past and present?

 Emre – This state has no past. It is said that “we have to forget the past “. We are not the followers of Jesus, Moses but we are the followers of The Prophet Mohammmed. In Koran the essence, the whole of the previous three books are united.

 Q. – Let me explain with such an example: A law is published. If we don’t know the reason of it, I mean after which discussions it became clear, can we know this law exactly?

 Emre – We know. Because for a conscientious human there is no need for law. Then if we unite with The Might who made law, then we can solve all of the troubles by asking him. But if we only stay in science as you said, we can’t solve the troubles from the book. If we have some subjects which we couldn’t understand, can we receive an answer by asking Koran? 

Q. – Can we percept the level of Mohammed if we don’t know the previous history of religion?

 Emre – Sure we can. We dive to The Prophet Mohammed’s  “sea of loving mind”,that’s it!  

 Human life isn’t long enough to learn the previous history of religion before The Prophet Mohammed and the life stories and works of the followers. Although we have to solve this matter in this short life which we don’t aware of the end.

All of the things which you want to understand exist in you, don’t search from outside and the books.

Q. –Did you come to this state without any help of sufies?

 Emre – I’ve learned from a live person. You can’t learn from a dead person. It’s necessary to find a live one. Can there be a guide greater than The Prophet Mohammed? But can we ask something from him which we couldn’t understand in Koran?

Q. – The Koran can’t give an answer to our question but how can we know that Develioğlu have just reflected the spirit of Koran fully and live?  How is it possible to trust Develi without reading the text?

 Emre – The individual sense which doubts is the brutal one. Let me excused, that means it is the sense of a live one. Anyhow this brutal sense can’t cognize Koran by itself. There must be a Might who will hold his/her hand and solve his/her troubles.

If we have the inner divine love, surely we will reach our goal. Because it is seeking itself by means of our reason. Since we’ve learned the existence of God, our efforts can’t be useless.

Q. –He still exists despite of our saying “he doesn’t exist”.

 Emre – If we say he doesn’t exist, it means he doesn’t exist for us.

 Q. – Even if we say he doesn’t exist, we also say “Oh God!” at the end.

 Emre – During the thunder we say “Oh God! Oh God! “. It has no value.

 Q. – Isn’t it to crave for mercy?

 Emre – Bektaşi wants rakı while everybody was paying as “My Lord! Give me Koran in this world and faith in the next world .“ When the ones who heard this said; “You, unbeliever! Did you hear what he said !”, Bektâşî replied : “Why are you angry, man? Everybody wants something which he/she doesn’t have. I have religion, faith, I want rakı because I just don’t have it”. Faith must be perfect. Can a human have faith without seeing, knowing?

 (Here we offer a few last stanza of a revelation related with this subject. )

Zamanı geçmeden, yakanı kurtar,
Sana bildirmiştir Hazreti Gaffar;
Cahiller zâlimdir, sen ilim öğren,
Gözün ile seyret, kurtarsın ikrar.

Görmeden, bilmeden, olur mu iman?
Kulaktan duyanın, her hâli güman,
Nefsini öldür de, canın dirilsin,
Acele eyle sen, geçmeden zaman.

Çokları istiyor dünyada Kur’ân’,
Boşuna istiyor ahrette iman;
Kütüphane dolu kitaplar ile
Ne faydası var, olmazsa irfan?

Ne faide eder imana ahret?
Böyle mi söyledi bizlere Ahmed?
Doğrusunu derse bîçâre (Emre),
Anlamayan, dönüp, ediyor hiddet.


Don’t spend time, manage to escape,
This is informed you by The Gracious;
Ignorants are cruel, try to learn science,
See and be saved through cognizance.

Without see, as unaware can there be faith?
For hearer with ear, all mood is regret…
Kill your ego, let then revive your spirit,
Hurry up, don’t let waste off time…

Most ones aim Koran in this living,
They aim faith in heaven for nothing;
By means of books full of library,
Without wisdom, it has no meaning…

What’s the usage of heaven for faith?
Is this the meaning which Ahmed said?
When poor Emre is telling the truth,
The unaware gets furious and revert.

Q. – Since the state of the prophet manifested through the people, it’s necessary to find him in order to profit from his generosity, isn’t it?

 Emre – If you work, God also is together with you.

 Q. – We need help to find him inside of us, isn’t it?

 Emre – Of course. Even The Prophet Mohammed said “If I didn’t have my tutor, I wouldn’t know my Lord” .

EMRE’s Conversations: 4

(The conversation below was between Emre and Mr. Hüdâverdi Gaffaroğlu. Mr. Gaffaroğlu was a student in State Conservatory Music deparment who had unfortunately lost his eyes. We hope the questions of this intelligent, intellectual, mature young man, will grip our readers because they’re related with some attributes of Emre.

Q. – Surely we entered the atomic period. Intellectuals either have to forget God or to accept the mafnificance of God in front of those works.

Emre – Both of them will occur.

Q. – Doesn’t it differ?

Emre – It doesn’t. Does night and day differ? It seems like different but it is conjunct.

Q. – Many intellectuals say “The idea of God is invention of people “.

Emre – I can’t say that it is “invention”. There is God beyond nature. Natural events obey some specific laws, they are phenomenal. It’s possible to cognize and to know them by the reason. Although God’s efforts and knowledge can’t be understood by the reason of mortals.  

Q. –I’ve intended to ask a lot of things to you, but I will send my questions from Ankara.

Emre – Ask here.

Q. – I am lost here.

            (After a while )

Q. – Have you ever been bored in your life?

Emre – It’s needed.

Q. – Why?

Emre – In order to know the value of pleasure.

Q. – It is said that artists generally create their work of arts while they were in pain.

Emre – That’s true, it is caused either by bore or pleasure.

Q. – Lets tell us how one of your revelations is borned.

Emre – Revelations comes because of the causes. For example we were in a place together with some people. They were drinking rakı. They offered me. I said “thank you” because I don’t drink. They insisted on, I refused, then they became angry. Some of them read a poem saying:

” Didn’t I say you can’t eat?”. After a few days passed, this revelation came. But a revelation may come after six months upon the conversation.

(We offer this revelation to our readers: )

Bu bir ağılı yemiştir,
Hak, âşıkına vermiştir
Âşıka (yesin) demiştir,
Yiyemezsin demedim mi?

İşte bu doğru demektir,
Kana boyanmış gömlektir,
Mârifet bunu giymektir,
Giyemezsin demedim mi?

Bu bir dikenlenmiş yoldur,
Yürüyenler nâdir kuldur,
Tenezzül et, ehline sor,
Soramazsın demedim mi?

Sen dikkat et, uy sözüne
Doğru ol, görün gözüne,
İbretle bak Hak yüzüne,
Bakamazsın demedim mi?

Bu yola çok sabır gerek,
Sabır eyle, emekler çek,
Beraber köprüden geçek,
Geçemezsin demedim mi?

Bu bir tılısımlı yolmuş
Nice nice (âdem) dolmuş,
Bir yüzük var, âşık bulmuş
Bulamazsın demedim mi?

Âşık ol, sen gez bu (Arş)ı:
Görünür o (Şâh)ın (baş)ı,
Aranılan yüzük: (kaş)ı,
Bulamazsın demedim mi?

Bu hâl, ateştir, yakıyor
Çoğu dayanmaz, kalkıyor,
Âşıkın kanı akıyor.
Dayanmazsın demedim mi?

Sen uykuda uyuyorsun,
Sözü devre duyuyorsun,
Gûya söze uyuyorsun,
Uyamazsın demedim mi?

Sana nefsin etmiş nüzul,
Bile bile ettin kabûl,
Edemezsin sen tenezzül,
Gayetle zor demedim mi?

Sana çok ettim nasihat,
Aklın bulsun diye sıhhat,
Biraz çekmelidir zahmet
Çekemezsin demedim mi?

Doğru sözü duydun devre
Sen düşersin göre göre,
Allah sana sabır vere…
Edemezsin demedim mi?

Bu huy sana eder neler…
Nedamet tozuna beler,
Bu huya etsen tövbeler,
Nur olursun demedim mi?

(Emre)! Sen var yürüyerek,
Bu yollarda çektin emek,
Tekrar tekrar sen çekerek
Geri kalma demedim mi?


This one is a poisoned fruit,
Which is given to lover by God,
He said the lover “to eat”,
Didn’t I say you can’t do?

So, it means this is right,
It’s a bloody painted shirt,
Wearing it, is the true craft,
Didn’t I say you can’t wear?

This road has been spinescent,
Walking ones are rare servant,
Deign and ask the competent,
Didn’t I say, you can’t ask?

Be careful, obey his word,
Be right then get noticed,
Look at the face of God,
Didn’t I say you can’t look?

Be patient, give much effort,
In this way, patience is must,
Lets together pass the bridge,
Didn’t I say you can’t pass?

It’s just a path enchanted,
In which many Adams filled,
There is a ring, lover found it,
Didn’t I say you can’t find?

Being a lover, ascend to heaven,
The head of (The King) is seen,
His eyebrow is the ring desired,
Didn’t I say you can’t earn?

This state is setting on fire,
Most ones run, can’t endure.
Bleeding the blood of Lover,
Didn’t I say you can’t stand?

You’re being in a deep sleep,
Misunderstanding the word,
Heeding the word, so-called,
Didn’t I say you can’t heed?

Your ego have descented,
Willingly, you accepted,
You can never condescend,
Didn’t I say it’s so difficult.

I gave you much counsel,
To make your mind heal,
It’s necessary to travail,
Didn’t I say you can’t do?

You misheard the right word,
Knowingly, you descend,
I beg you patience from God,
Didn’t I say you can’t be patient.

How effects you, this temper?
Makes you feel acute remorse,
If you repent for this nature,
Didn’t I say you become light?

(Emre), you, walk and arrive!
You’ve labored in each way,
Time and time again essay,
Didn’t I say don’t stay back.

Q.- Do you need to say without any reason?

Emre – No.

Q.- Did you memorized them?

Emre – No.

Q.- If the one recording can’t capture the revelation exactly, can you fulfill those empty phases?

Emre – I can’t fulfill with my mind. I can only fulfill while the sense of revelation is still warm. That means I fulfill while I’ve bonded to The Might by calling upon Him for help again. But the next word said isn’t just same as the first one. Beside, the meaning is same.

If it is needed to fulfill the incomplete parts of the revelation some days or some months after, a lot of time has to be passed to bond that Might.

Q. – There is (science) in some of your poems and there is an attack to this science.

Emre – We love science. The attack that you signify is because of the insufficiency of science in order to cognize the Truth. Beside all of the sciences are useful and necessary.

Q. – Could you please describe how to love?

Emre – Is there any description of taste? Do you think everybody takes the same taste from sugar?

Q. – Is there any description of poem?

Emre – It also doesn’t have. It’s seemed upon revealed.

Q. – That means work of arts talk, isn’t it?

Emre – It can only be said, in order to get real taste of a poem, it’s needed to become lost in the heart of a writer or teller. Is it true?

Q. – This is your thought. I didn’t think on it yet, but I will. Have you ever read the Europian poets?  

Emre – I’ve never read. The aim of poem for everyone is to glorify the beloved. When he/she wants to taste the flavor of love, a word is emanated from his/her mouth.

Q. – But somebody reviles the beloved.

Emre – It means he loves to get angry. This is a negative, reverse love.

Q.- I remember a stave of Nesîmî:

Gönlümüz Nûr-u Tecellî
Cismimizdir Kûh-i Tûr
Canımız (Dîdâr)a karşı
Oldu Mûsa vâr mest

Our heart is light of manifestation,
Our body is “Tûr named” mountain,
Our spirit is accross The Beauty,
Mûsa is in a mood enrapturedly fine,..

Are you in such a state?

Emre – Yes, just the same. We have the same understanding.

Q.- So, you love Nesîmî?

Emre – Yes.

Q.- Does Fûzûli have sufism?

Emre – All of them are sufist.

Q.- Did you make read and listen?

Emre – I’ve listened a lot of times.

Q. – Do you have any interest with politics?

Emre – No, I don’t deal. No need… I think the (Doer) is doing well.  

Q.- Why did Sunnies and shiah had discord?

Emre – They had disagreement…

Q. – Why didn’t they agree?

Emre – Sunnies were angry shiah because of their saying “God” for Ali.  

Q. – Do they really say?

Emre – God isn’t separate from mortal because he is surround. What is needed to be a teacher?

Q. – A teacher.

Emre – They know some secrets of Ali.

Q.- What if those secrets are just myth? Are their knowledge true?

Emre – If the mind isn’t corrupted, it takes the pleasure of taste. Just before, you said you like them…

Q. – I love just the remarks of Bektâshies.  

Emre – That’s what the tariq is. It is to love the remarks. Otherwise there is no such path or something.

Q. – Isn’t there any exaggeration in those believes of people?

Emre – No, this belief is spreaded everywhere not just in Iran.  

Q. – It is said that Hadgi Bektash Veli made the wall walk?

Emre – They say this because he made his body walk.

Q. – Didn’t he made the wall walk?

Emre – No, these are symbolic words. They say “wall” for the body. Yunus also calls the earthly part of body as adobe.

Kerpiç koydum kazana,
Poyraz ile kaynattım.

I put an adobe to the boiler,
I boiled it by means of boreas.

(The Adobe), is from earth which is included in the four main essence, there is also water in boiler. Three over four of the body is water… It signifies also the necessity of fire to boil the water. Boreas is also air. So it says below:

Nedir diye sorana,
Bandım verdim özümü.

To the one who asks “what is it?”,
I dunked and gave my essence.

He points his essence, that means his body.

We offer a revelation to our readers which is said with such symbols.      

Gönül arzuyu bırak,
Seni davet eder Hak;
Gözünü aç, yola bak,
Uyan, atmıştır şafak.

Elçisi yapmış izi,
Ordan çağırır bizi;
Sen (Hızır)a yoldaş ol,
O geçirsin (Deniz)i.

Onunla geçti Musa,
Geçti, verildi (Âsa);
Kapalı göz göremez
Her yanlara nur yağsa.

Açmadan görmüştür kim?
Açılan okur ilim;
Sen derdini bilirsen,
(Hızır), olmaz mı hekim?

Yürü, ulaş (Duvar)a,
Yık da ulaş sen (Vâr)a;
(Oğlan)ı var da katlet,
Hail olmasın (Yâr)a.

(Can)dır binen (Gemi)ye,
Yürür Hak! diye diye;
Bu cihada yürüyen,
Zırhı ateşten giye.

Ateş tutar mı siper?
Böyle emretmiş Dilber;
Yanarsan, (Defîne)den,
(Emre) alırsın haber.


Leave the desire, my heart,
God offers you an invite;
Open your eye, watch the path,
Wake up, here comes daybreak.

His prophet left the trace,
Calling us from this place;
Through the sea, to traverse,
Let’s be friend with Hızır.

Musa traversed with his aid,
He got the (Baton) and passed;
Closed eye can’t see, even if,
Divine radiance would emanate.

Without opening, who saw?
Opened eye begins to know;
If you aware of your sorrow,
Wouldn’t Hızır be your doctor?

To the (Wall), walk and arrive,
To reach the (treasury), destroy!
To avoid an obstacle to (The Beloved),
Reach and then kill that (boy) !

Who enters the (Ship) is (Spirit),
Walks by always saying God!
The one attending to this fight,
Must wear the armor of fire.

How can the fire be shielded?
The Beauty had so ordered;
Emre, you will be informed,
About the treasure, if you burn.

Q.- Is baton of Moses also a symbol?

Emre – Yes

Q. – Isn’t there something as baton?

Emre – These are symbols.

Q.- There are some symbols like (Nun vel-Kalem) in your revelations. Why did you need to use such symbols?

Emre – Not to hurt the immature people. 

Q.- You may say the reality; what is the disadvantage?

Emre – No, it’s not time. It’s not true to say it for once, because it has no value in this case. Can a new born baby eat a rib? According to this knowledge, the mind of someone is similar to a child in spite of their knowledge in different sciences. We don’t want to hurt them.

We can’t evaluate the value of a thing which is obtained without any effort. Giving effort is needed in order to rectify himself/herself, his/her moral.

Q. – Is there any difference between true and figurative loves?

Emre – Sure there is. You already said: one is figurative, the other is true.

Q. – According to sufism, if the people are pieces of God, there has to be no difference.

Emre – If there is no difference then ask the one with whom you are in love figuratively. Can she tell something about sufism? They are dead. The ones who loves dead, are also dead. It’s necessary to love some being who is immortal.

Q. – So, we are dead.

Emre – But, don’t die! Because there is a remedy for being immortal. We don’t want you to die.

Q. – I love God but I don’t know the degree of it. .

            (will continue)

Emre’s Anectodes, aphorisms and Instantaneous Replies:

* The one who doesn’t forget the past, can’t see the future.

* The muck of animal comes from the back, the muck of human comes from his mouth; it is bad saying.

* Even the kindness is cruelty if it comes without knowledge.

Q. –If Moses couldn’t see God, how did he know the Old Testament belongs to God?

Emre – To whom our sayings belong, God or evil?

Q. – God.

Emre – Even you know it, how doesn’t Moses know?

* The ones saying “irreligious” for Atatürk, are the adobes belonging to the “building of bigotry” which is destroyed by him.

* If God is symbolized by a house , (Rab)the tutor is the door of it.

* (Hacerûl’esved) The black Stone is a unique, unified eye which is a combination of all eyes of the whole people.

Sufist Explanation of Nasreddin Hodja Anectodes

Hoca ‘s playing the musical instrument ( Saz ) on one string

Someday Hodja took a musical instrument. He was hitting the plectrum to the same string and producing a uniform voice such as “dın! dın” then someone asked:

—What are you doing my Hodja?

— I’m playing the musical instrument.

—How such a playing is this? Everybody uses the other strings also and produce such good voices.

Nasreddin Hodja replies:

— They are hitting the other strings because they are trying to find the theme which I’ve found already.

Emre’s Interpretation

While explaining this anectode we will be in such a position as if we criticized Nasreddin Hodja. But what can we do? The truth can be sacrificed for anything.

Nasreddin Hodja is hitting the string of unity but the taste of this realm is in its multitude. The state of Nasreddin Hodja is not recommended for today. This time is different than past. Would there be such an improvement if it is dealed with just unity like Hodja? The actual skill is after knowing the unique theme going back to learn both how to play and listen all of the themes.

If we learn the theme of unity after all themes, is there any good luck other than to find a house I mean a (common sense) which we can escape and hide at the end of our life during the destruction of our body house? I mean during the fate seism.