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EMRE’s Conversations: 2

Notes saved during the conversation in 9.3.1957.

Q. – The remarks like “fate can not be changed” tells that to obey the fate is necessary, although some remarks give importance to the will, which one is true?

Emre– Both of them means. We can’t find if we don’t demand by using our will. Predestination is another issue.

Q. – As a weak, I think in this way: If the events are outside of our will, we take the rule  “fate can not be changed”. Beside that, we must work in cases when our self will is capable.

Someone does all of the devilry and when you ask “why do you act like this ?” , they say “The will belongs to God. If he let, then I do; if he don’t let, then he should not make me do it”.

Emre– They have been drown in their sea of weakness. They are denying Koran. If all of the things happened because of God, would he send Koran saying us “Do these! Don’t these!”? In this case would there a difference between a human and a puppet? The commands, the forbiddings in Koran points to the great importance of human will.  Does the crime of a thief, a killer forced by government? So why our bad actions would be related with God? Look how are they reacting you if you act against the government rules… The law of God is Koran also. Government laws, just like Koran, forbids the devilry. They are similar to the laws of God.

Q. – In order to be a perfect human, death of self is necessary, isn’t it?

Emre – Self does not die; it’s needed to be rectificated.

Q.- How could it be?

Emre – It will occur by means of dearness. In order to kill the self, the sword of dearness must be used. I mean the dearness towards to a perfect human.

Q.- The dearnesses in our societies are not similar to this. When we mention about this love they bother and then move away from us.

Emre – In this case don’t discuss with them. You can only talk the ones close to this personality; not the others.  In order to explain this, Yunus Emre says:

Karga ile bülbülü bir kafese koysalar,           If the crow and the nightingale are put in a cage,
Birbiri sohbetinden daim melûl değil mi?     Aren’t they all unhappy for each other’s chat?

Dark and light does not interfere. Everything is in pair. But we will learn love from their negativity. Isn’t everything like this? We learn kindness by means of negation of the bad attitude of bad people. Doesn’t also Sâdi say this?

Q.- According to your view, who is the one nearest to God?

Emre – The one who thinks God in each moment.

Q. – And beside that?

Emre – The one with pure conscience, who loves this people, who does not hurt them, who forgives them.

Q. –The most hard duty is to forgive devilry.

Emre – We are talking about perfectness. There is no devilry in fullness. Is there any unripe fruit without acid?  

Q. – None.

Emre – But, what about after being riped?

Q.- It’s sweet, just like sugar.

Emre – After the fruit is riped, those acids becomes sugar and vitamine.

Q.- So it’s necessary to learn how to make sugar from those acids.

Emre– It’s necessary to wait. When it becomes a fruit, people will see, take and eat it. The fruit can say “I am human” when it’s eaten by a human. When it became united,  it deserves to say that also. But if the fruit is perished instead of being riped, there occur such an acid, then there is no chance of getting sweet. The ones who say “everything is from God”, are similar to those perished fruits. They act in various ways, they confound the permissible with illicit. It’s very hard for them to recover.

Q.- Let’s God save. What do you think about offering? (Zekât)  

Emre –There is an hadith of The Prophet Mohammed: “Judgements change through the variation of time”: Now we are giving the offering to the government. This is the right way. Because the government distributes the given offered according to the need, I mean for the necessities. In past, there were more poor people than today. Now government claims to be the owner of the poor people as much as possible. It tries not to leave them to the mercy of individuals, opens poorhouses. Everything is progressing to the unity and matureness. The best way is to obey to the common order.

Q.- There may be someone also who doesn’t give what the government ordered. They may try not to inform their actual income in order to escape. Doesn’t their attitude harm both to the nation and the religion?

Emre – If they knew it harms, they wouldn’t do. There is a verse saying “the cruel is ignorant”! The ignorant is always cruel. Would he tyrannize over if he had been wise? If the mind doesn’t improve, then the body also does not improve.

Q.- Good! the mind doesn’t improve, then the body does not improve. Body gains honour only for the sake of mind.

I asked sir Şevket if he had information about Saint Bulut? He said “no, I had no time to deal with any dead Saint because I’ve met the One who is alive. “

Emre – Now if we go to Saint Bulut‘s grave and ask him about our concern, can he answer? Does he have any work of art?

Q.- We don’t know.

Emre – If he had left, it would be seen.

Q.- We don’t know if he made construct a mosque or something.

Emre – The greatest work of art is to awake the people.

Q.- I had a book named “Ahmet Rüfaî” written by Kenan Rifâî who passed away in 1950 in İstanbul. He says: Ahmet Rufâî, whose generation is linked to Zeynel Abidin, lived 600 years after our prophet’s death. He visited Kabe and the grave of The Prophet Mohammed with ninety thousand people. He said “Esselâmünaleyküm: let the salute of God be with you” my ascendant! And then the prophet replied “Aleykümselâm: let the salute of God be with you too”  my descendant! Then Ahmet Rufâî had said “I just came to visit you My prophet, give me your hand, allow me to kiss it”. Then the grave is chapped, our prophet offered his hand; he kissed. What’s your opinion about this subject?

Emre – This is a state which had been occured inwardly. It is a state happened from himself to himself.

Q.- If it happened inwardly, then the others wouldn’t see.

Emre – Maybe he said his inward experience to the others; and from this time, his spiritual state is transferred from mouth to mouth and accepted as a phenomenal case.

Actually the grave of The Prophet Mohammed is the people and you. Doesn’t Mevlânâ also say something like this?  What was he saying?

“Don’t look for our tomb in the earth after our death. Because our tomb, is the loving mind of wise human.”

Q.- Where is the house of God?

Emre – In the heart of a believer, means the heart of a lover. The tomb of The Prophet Mohammed is also in lovers’ heart. The event you mentioned, those voices, those questions and answers may have happened inwardly from himself to himself. The ascention (miraj) is also from heart to heart, it is an ascention of understanding, cognizance. How today’s people believe in ascention on ride?

Q.-When you said ascention, I remembered my dream. In my dream, you were on a high place, a mountain; I came to visit you. I asked you the meaning of the sky with seven layer. Just at the time you were answering, another convoy came then you couldn’t answer.

Emre – What if he couldn’t answer in your dream, he is just answering now… They’ve told a lot of things to define the “Perfect Human”. There are no layers or something in the sky. The sky of human body, that means the highest organ is head. There are seven holes in the head; two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, totally six; let’s add the mouth, it becomes seven. The only purpose is to define the head of the Perfect Human. It is necessary to watch the seven layer sky in the face of Perfect Human. Only the eye of lovers can see him, not the others…

(Respectively, we offer this revelation of Emre which is revealed at 27.12.1944 to our worthy readers):

Âdem’de olan damar,
Muhit durur sana Yar.
Kim sana âşık olur,
Seninle bile arar.

Âdem’de bulunan et,
Bize gösterir ibret;
Seni gözden saklayan:
Kendinden doğan heybet.

Âdemdeki olan saç:
Kâbe’de edilen Hac;
Sana varmak isteyen,
Âdem yüzüne muhtaç.

Damarımda gezen kan,
Seni arıyor her an;
Sana âşık olanlar,
Âdemden alır ihsan.

Âdemdeki olan diş,
Birbirine bitişmiş;
Canan! Seni arayan,
Âdem ile bilişmiş.

Âdemde olan boğaz,
Birleşmiştir kışla yaz;
Ayrı olan (Çift Deniz),
Mümkün değil ayrılmaz…

Âdemdeki çift dudak,
Daim zikir eder: Hak!
Eğer Hakk’a âşıksan,
Ordan çıkan söze bak.

(Emre)! Âşık ol öğren;
Kamile muhtaçsın sen,
Sözün, özün Hak’tandır;
Kurtulur seni gören.

The vein in Adam’s body,
My Beloved, surrounds you,.
Whoever falls in love with you,
Seek, even together in unity.

The flesh, in Adam’s body,
For us like an exemplary;
What hides you from eyes;
Your emanated self dignity.

The hair, in Adam’s head:
The Pilgrimage performed;
For those who aim oneness,
Adam’s face is only need.

Flowing in my vein, the blood,
Looks for you, in each moment.
For those in love with you,
Kindness is given by Adam.

The teeth, in Adam’s mouth,
Being each other adjacent;
Those who seek you, My Beloved!
Have become Adam`s friend.

The throat, in Adam’s head,
Winter and summer is joined;
The (sea pair) which is discrete,
Never to be separated…

Two lips, in Adam’s head,
Always allude to God!
If you are a lover of The Truth,
Think on the remark revealed.

Emre! Fall in love and read;
The Perfect Human is your need,
God gives your essence and word;
Those who see, will be saved.

This revelation is also said with the same joy:

Bendeki bu beden: (Hicaz)
Âşıklar ediyor niyaz;
Vücudumdaki (Dört İmam),
Bana kıldırıyor namaz.

Kalbimin içinde (Esrar),
Mekân tutmuş, etmiş karar.
Bedenim: (Arafat Dağı);
Bilen, gelir, benden arar.

Ağzımdaki söyleyen dil,
Anlayana, olmuş delil;
Hareket eyleyen canlı,
Bitişiktir, ayrı değil.

Hurufta olmazsa nokta,
Her yazıda olur hata;
Daim gözüm gıda verir,
Her yanda gezen hayata…

Görünürüm daim beden;
Bitişiktir gelen, giden;
(Layüs’el)dir, (amma yef’al);
Kimseler diyemez: neden?

Bana bitişiktir her yan.
Damarlarda dolaşan kan;
Gözle görülmeyen kalbim,
Âşıklara olur ayan.

Dem gelir, olurum toprak;
Ağaçlardan düşmüş yaprak;
Olurum Tanrı Taala,
Her sıfatım muhittir, Hak.

Ayrılıp ederim ikrah,
Pişman olur, çekerim ah,
Sadamı duyan zerrede,
Hiç kalmaz, affolur günah.

Kirlerinden o olur pak,
Diri olur, olmaz helak;
(Emre) ayrılınca benden,
Ayaklar altında bir hak…

Captured by : Fuzule. Emre

My own body is like Hidjaz,
Where the lovers always bless;
In my body, the four leaders,
Make me perform my prayers.

In my heart, this (Secret),
Have stabilized and settled.
My body is mountain Arafat;
Knower comes and seek from me.

The tongue saying in my mouth,
Being an evidence for the cognizant.
The moving animate,
Is joined, not separated.

If letters don’t have a dot,
Errors occur in each note;
My eyes feed all the time,
The moving life all around…

I always appear as body;
Conjuncted the passerby;
Responsible, exempt of query
Nobody can ask: why?

For me, each side is adherent,
Including the blood in veins;
My heart which is invisible,
For the lovers, becomes manifest.

I become soil in one moment;
From the trees, leaves tumbled;
I become God the Greatest,
All my labels are truly enclosed.

I dislike when I depart,
Then I sigh, when I regret,
In each piece, hearing my sound,
No sin remains, they’re forgiven.

All of his dirt is cleared,
Becomes alive, not perished;
When (Emre) had left me,
Such a truth under the feet.

Emre – While you were dreaming there were a lot of mountains in your heart. I was in your heart also. There are no such things in spirituality. My desire too, is to enter your heart.  If you wouldn’t enter to mine, you could not see that dream. Heart belongs to neither you, nor me; it belongs to God. After love emerges, neither you nor me is present. This state is the end of duality and multitude.

Q.- Our prophet says: “The one who is an enemy of my family, actually treats me as an enemy.”  Some people mention about Muâviye as “Hazret -Saint”. However he had acted maliciously against the family of The Prophet Mohammed.

Emre – There is no Muâviye or someone for us… He had been punished against his action. We don’t deal with him.  Why do we deal with him? It is a waste of time.

Once upon a time Muâviye was one of the close friends; he was the secret clerk for The Prophet Mohammed. During that time our prophet had sympathy for him. Didn’t he exile Muâviye when he started aiming to harm his family individuals? Actually he exiled his body. For which reason? Because of his bad moral. If we have moral like Muâviye, we have to exile moral of Muaviye to the outside of our mind’s border.

Q.- Some people say: “I wish God not to deprive from Muâviye’s intercession.”

Emre– This is similar to hope intercession from devil. They seek for intercession for what? Isn’t it for heaven? The one who has seen the beauty of God neither needs heaven nor afraids of hell. Yazıcıoğlu who is the author of the book “The Prophet Mohammed” says : “There are such people who escape heaven just like you escape of carrion.” We demand nothing but The Mighty who is the creator of heaven and hell.

Q.- Isn’t it our right to demand God’s benefactions, houries, villas, gardens?

Emre – My reason doesn’t want such things.

Q.- They say many houries will be given.

Emre – I gave up all of those things also in this world. In Turkish there is a remark: “Just so I have someone who is holding the dipper, it’s enough to have a place at the outside door” . The lovers don’t deal with heaven. They request no one but God.  

Q. – The prophets mentioned in Koran are all relatives of each other.

Emre –Doesn’t “nearness” corresponds to “relationship” in Turkish? True relationship is the relationship of the mind. Is there any importance in relation by blood? Look, the father of Abraham was an idolater but Abraham had broken the idols. Even Jesus Christ couldn’t avoid worshipping the idols. Only The prophet Mohammed could able to break them.

Q.- However couldn’t God cure the people, who didn’t believe in the prophets?

Emre– Both of the divine fire and the divine radiance are right. It’s needed to remove one of them in order to modify them all. Although  “Everything is in pair” . God cures the one who wants to be cured. Would we need the holy books, the prophets if it was necessary to load everything to God? So, that means it’s our duty, not God’s.  We will use our will in order to be cured, then he will help us.

This ego is a calamity but if it is cured then it becomes a perfect essence. They had said with symbols : “Angels don’t have an ego but they are the servants of people having egos”.

Q.- We were talking about Muâviye.

Emre –Whilst Muâviye was a close friend to The Prophet Mohammed, Ali was making war during his youth. During a war, an arrow hit the face of The Prophet Mohammed then his face bleeded. Ali immediately ran and licked the blood on his face. The Prophet Mohammed said: “You Ali, are the most valuable villein of God and you are given everything which promised.” When Muâviye heard that; he became jealous and said: “I wish I could lick, then I would have those promises”. After that, he started to wait a war to begin, in which The Prophet Mohammed will be wounded.

In each year The Prophet Mohammed, was giving blood… Some day, again during this procedure, Muâviye licked that blood and The Prophet Mohammed said to him : “What did you do Muâviye?” , “Your attitude is wrong “. Actually Muâviye hoped to hear the same remark which he said to Ali previously and asked “Why did you say this to me and the inverse to Ali?” The Prophet Mohammed replied “He licked my blood because of his love that he couldn’t accept the bloody appearance of my face.  But you were jealous of him and wanted me to be wounded to lick my blood. Now I ejected harmful, dirty blood in my body; you licked this. For this reason, a lot of bad things, bad actions will emerge from you.”

After this event, Muâviye kept on being back of The Prophet Mohammed. He were always back of The Prophet Mohammed during the praying (namaz ). Ali, used to pray at wherever he found. Some day an old man came from a long distance town named Kerbelâ. He were in love with The Prophet Mohammed. Muaviye hadn’t come yet. During the praying time, they all stood up. The old man stood just at the back of The Prophet Mohammed. When Muâviye came and saw a stranger in his seat, he cought him from his arms, took his seat back. Ali, could’t accept this attitude of Muâviye, he cought him from his cloth and made him to sit down.  Muâviye started to mutter. The Prophet Mohammed turned back in order to understand the matter and Muâviye told him. The Prophet Mohammed finished the praying without saying something. It was friday and he came out at pulpit in order to read khutba. The old stranger man, who is pushed by Muaviye was originally from Kerbelâ. Our prophet called him from pulpit : “hey you stand up !”, and asked “Is there any creek in Kerbelâ?” he replied “Yes, my prophet” . While he was saying is there something like that, is there something like this, the old man lost his patience and said : “Oh my prophet, you know Kerbelâ better than me, why do you ask me?”  The Prophet Mohammed said : “I saw those places because my sons will be bloodshedded in there.” They asked the reason. He replied  “Muâviye will have a son; he will fight with my descent.”

Muâviye had strong faith in that The Prophet Mohammed ’s remark shall be verified. He decided not to marry and he kept on his word for a long time. But then, someday he had an injury in his testis; it kept on growing; the doctors could not find a solution. One of the doctors said: ”the solution of this problem is to marry; otherwise this will kill you”. Muâviye said : “No I won’t. If I marry, The Prophet Mohammed ’s remark will happen.” At the end, when his relatives understood that Muâviye will die, they persued him to marry with an old woman. She was 103 years old that means too old to have a child. But the woman got pregnant. Most of the people said: “It’s not possible for this woman to be pregnant. This is sickness.”  Then at the end, Yezid is borned. The one who kicked up hell is Yezid. But why are we dealing with Yezid and Muâviye… “The past has to be forgotten”.

Q. – It happens my sir, it occurs somethings like that.

Emre – Yes, some troubles of human are solved. After being solved why do we deal with their stories. There is something to point: Doesn’t Muâviye’s body consist of four elements?

Q .– Yes.

Emre – What about Ali’s body?

Q.- He has the same also.

Emre – The bodies of Ali and Muâviye are made of the same thing. What is the reason of our love for Ali and hate for Muâviye? Isn’t it because of their moral? Everyone have these two type of morality. If we adopt an attitude of Muâviye, it makes us to do the same things. If we adopt an attitude of Ali, we will look like Ali…

Q.- If Muâviye would have insisted, could he become like Ali? Could he able to change the God’s will?

Emre – Yes. Look, in the Koran, our bad actions are prohibited, it is said “don’t do “. God’s will begins at the moment in which we decide to perform any action.

Q.- Ebûcehil comes near to The Prophet Mohammed, with a stone in his hand saying : “you declared your prophecy; so guess the thing in my hand”. Our prophet replied : “which one do you prefer to get the answer, me or the stone in your hand ?” When he said “The one in my hand doesn’t speak “, the stone began speaking. How couldn’t he believe despite the miracle was so clear?

Emre – It’s because of pride. Ebûcehil could’t believe in The Prophet Mohammed because he was the weakest person in their tribe.

There exists no self, no pride in human who is inclined to God. Near God, they neither take possession of supremacy, nor close it up. We are the human beings; pride and self can occur, but in this state, it is necessary to entreat God’s indulgence and remove it. The biggest sin is the self. God forgives all of the sins except the self.

Q.- Sometimes the self occurs in people because of human weakness. I’m glad, after this self and pride, immediately a contrition state occurs to me.  But actually I never want to have this self and pride.

Emre – That’s also great. It makes you wake up. The self always gives the people aspiration. The greatest ignorance is the self. Some time ago, I also experienced this state. There is a revelation on this:

Birçoğunun dilinden dersin kelâm,
Birçoğuna Canan! verirsin ilham;
Bildim: Bütün kuvvet senindir, Mevlâm!
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim?

Tutuşturdun Fir’avn ile Musa’yı,
Seni bildi, teslimettin (Asâ)yı;
Çarmıhlardan sen kurtardın İsâ’yı
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim?

Ruhsat vermez isen döner mi lisân…
Eğer dersem, hâlimi edenğ ilân;
Sultânımsın, mekân kurduğun (İnsan);
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim?

Söz senindir, beni ettin tercüman,
Çünkü benim dilim dönmez her zaman
Ben kapında bir kulum, sensin Rahman.
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim?

Söyletmezsen, dilim etmez hareket,
Görünmezsen, her taraflar olur sed;
Bülbül olur dilim, edersen himmet;
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim?

Aşkını verirsen Cânânım, eğer,
Dil, bir çeşme olur, cevherler döker…
Himmet olmaz ise, kullar ne çeker…
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim…?

Sen Rahmansın, ben kapında bir kulum,
Boynum bükük, elim bağlı dururum;
Nice zaman orda dayandı yolum;
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim…?

Bir an sonra, bilmem başa ne gelir;
Sen (Habîr)sin, benim aklım ne bilir…
Sana karşı bütün boyun eğilir;
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim ?

Sana mahkûm nice nice hükümdar…
Derde düşse, hep senden çâre arar;
Gafil olan, seni ediyor inkâr;
Ne sebepten ben bana ben diyeyim?

Bir zaman ben! dedim, ettim tecrübe;
Hasretine düştüm, eyledim tövbe;
Beni muhtâç etme dîne, mezhebe;
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim?

Yalvarırım, senden ayırma beni,
Otuziki yıldır ararım seni;
(Emre) buldu, attı can ile teni;
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim?

Onun için, hâline sensin hâkim;
Bu göz gördü, inandı: demiyor Kim?
İnanınca, kalbini ettin selîm;
Ne sebepten ben bana ben! diyeyim?

April /23 /1948

Many people are saying your word,
You inspired them all, My Beloved!
I know: all power is yours, my God!
How shall I call myself “I” ?

You provoked Moses and Pharaoh,
He knew you, then gave him the “staff” ;
You had saved Jesus from death,
How shall I call myself “I” ?

How can I speak, if you don’t let?
If I do, you would reveal my state;
My King, (Human)is your abode;
How shall I call myself “I” ?

It’s your word I’m your translator,
Because sometimes I stumble over,
The Merciful, I’m a slave at your door,
How shall I call myself “I” ?

If you don’t allow, I’ll talk no more,
If you disappear, every side becomes barrier;
I can speak fluently with your support,
How shall I call myself “I” ?

My Beloved, if your love is granted,
Just like a fountain, the tongue becomes fluent…
Mortals suffer much, without any support…
How shall I call myself “I” ?

I’m just a mortal, you are The Merciful,
My hands are tied, I am humble,
Many times, I stood at this level;
How shall I call myself “I” ?

I’m unaware what will happen next;
My mind lacks, you’re The Cognizant…
Before you, everyone is yielded;
How shall I call myself “I” ?

Slave to you, many of the kings…
Seeking cure for their troubles;
Denies you, the unwaries,
How shall I call myself “I” ?

For a while I said “I”, I’ve experienced!
I was deprived of you, and then repented;
Don’t let me need religion or sect;
How shall I call myself “I” ?

I beseech you, don’t let me disunite,
For thirty two years, I’ve been called;
(Emre) found, threw his flesh and spirit,
How shall I call myself “I” ?

Therefore, you’re the master of your state;
This eye saw and believed, doesn’t reject.
I believed, then you filled peace to my heart;
How shall I call myself “I” ?

Q.- Would you please give an information about Develioğlu?

Emre – You already have read his tract…

Q.- What about his life, his nourishment style?

Emre – He had never been addicted to worldly life. He was eating less, drinking less. He was abstentious.

Q.- It is mentioned that his body had been smelling very nice after his death.  

Emre – It is true whatever they’ve said. He had loved regimen. His stomach and his body used to this.

Q.- At the end, this amount of diet prevents to work. But inactivity has no value for God, isn’t it true?  

Emre –He was an old man, he had no job actually but he was not inactive. He was not inoccupied. He was teaching us, he was instructing us the “Secret Knowledge”. You are a teacher also. Do you work in this job using your hands and arms? Isn’t mind related job real?

Q.- Unfortunately… We spend a lot of energy.

Emre –The energy spended by Develioğlu can not be perceived by everyone. Most of them can’t resist this state. When someone who is in love with him, had become sleepless at night and thinking Develioğlu, he also had been waking up and dealing with him inwardly. The man who became sleepless at night thinking Develioğlu, for example thinking about some questions by himself, suddenly could be able to find the answers. He had assumed he found the answers; but actually Develioğlu was the owner of them. Everybody can’t rely on this state. If you go to a lawyer for an advise, he requests wage but those people serve without any fee.

Q.- The revelations can’t be understood easily, it requires an explanation.

Emre – It can not be understood if it isn’t the right time. Most of those revelations had been arised during my hardest weld. Someone suppose when one entered the way of God, then there will be no deal with worldly life. Can it be possible? We are living in this world. On the contrary, we will work and gain; even gain a lot in order to provide some benefit to the others.

(With this respect we offer this revelation related with this subject to our readers, which is arised when Emre was in Çiftehan thermal spring):

Elimde değildir bu doğan doğuş,
Çalışsan, tutulmaz gökte uçan kuş;
Söyler iken, bilmem, kulağım duymaz,
Gözümü açarım, bakarım doğmuş.

Aczimden başka, benim bir karım yok;
Şükür, aşktan gayri hiçbir varım yok;
Dertlerimin başı, daim inilti;
İki dünya için ahım zarım yok.

Bilmem, nerden oldum derde giriftar…
Dünya ve ahiret bu başıma dar;
Kabul oldu dilek, arzu, emelim,
Aldı, kabul etti, istedi Gaffar.

Ellerinde etti beni oyuncak,
Bazı yüksek eder, bazı da alçak;
Alır bu dilimi, bana söyletir,
Kendi sözü ile bana: (Enelhak!)

Diyen, duyan kendi, ben bir vasıta;
Anlamayan der ki: (Eyledi hata);
Ancak bu aşk ile biçare (Emre),
Kendini götürüp (Maşuk)a sata…

Captured by : Vasfiye Değirmenci Hour: 18:20

This revelation comes out of my desire,
A flying bird can’t be caught, even if you try,
While saying, I can’t hear being unaware,
I open my eyes then see it’s revealed…

I have no advantage except my inability;
I have nothing except love, happily,
Always moan preceeds my worry;
I have no sigh for this and other world.

I don’t know how I fall into sorrow…
For me, this and other world is narrow;
My wish, desire and goal are all approved,
The Gracious took, accepted and pleased.

He turned me as a toy in his hands,
Either ascends, or descends;
He makes me say using my tongue:
“I am The Truth !”with his own words.

I’m just a tool, Himself is teller and hearer;
The one misunderstood says:“he’s in error”;
Only with this love, lack-all (Emre),
May go and devote himself to The Beloved.

Note: This revelation is arised at Çiftehan thermal spring where Emre had stayed 20 days long. It’s arised because of Mrs. Kadriye Dârendeli who said Emre “I’ve never listened to you while a revelation comes” .

Q.- Common morality is descended a lot; how can we fix it?

Emre – Let’s fix our own moral.

Q.- You said fair, but world morality can’t be fixed by fixing our own moral…  

Emre – If everyone fixes his own moral, it will be fixed. To fix the others and the world is beyond us. Let’s deal with ourselves.

Q.- I feel responsible for the ignorance in daily life.   

Emre – Trying to fix the others’ errors is just to spend time despite of having those things which must be fixed. Your request is about fixing all of the world immediately but this occurs slowly and as much as possible. We are behind of progress. Who one steals, rich or poor? Those matters need time actually.

Epigrams, wits, fine remarks from EMRE:

Koran is not Arabic, it’s in Rab (tutor) language. Neither Arab nor Turkish people can understand Koran, except the one who became Koran itself.

 (from  a conversations in 1952)

The prophets are the clothes of God. God wears the new one when his clothe became old.


Just like an oblique wire which couldn’t enter a hole, a crooked heart can’t enter from the door of spirituality, that means loving mind (gönül) .


While swearing, instead of our hands we have to put our heart on Koran. Beside, if we put Koran to our heart, then no need to swear. 


Be religious, but it’s important not to have the narrow one.


The pearls of Truth

Severim ben seni candan içerî
Yolum vardır bu erkândan içeri.

Şeriat, tarikat yoldur, varana,
Hakikat meyvası ondan içeri.

Dinîn terk edenin, küfürdür işi,
O ne küfürdür, imandan içeri?

Beni bende demenğ, bende değilim;
Bir ben vardır bende, benden içeri.

Beni benden alana ermez elim;
Kim kadem basa Sultan’dan içeri?

Süleyman, kuşdilin bilir, dediler,
Süleyman var, Süleyman’dan içeri…

(Tecelli)den nasib erdi kimine:
Kiminin maksudu bundan içeri…

Senin aşkın beni benden alıptır;
Ne şirin dert bu, dermandan içeri…

Miskin Yunus, gözü tuş oldu sana,
Kapında kuldur, Sultandan içeri.

Yunus Emre

I love you more than the spirit,
Beyond this form, I have a method.

For arrivals, shariah and order is just a path.
Beyond there, exists the fruit of the Truth.

The blasphemy is the action of the heathen,
How a blasphemy, better than the faith?

Don’t say that I exist in me, count me out;
Inside of me there is an “I”, profound.

I am weak before the one impressed me;
Who has the feet stronger than Sultan?

It’s said Solomon knew the bird language,
There is a Solomon, inside of Solomon…

For someone manifestation is granted;
Someone’s goal is to reach beyond…

Your love captured me from “I”;
What a nise grief, better than the remedy…

Miserable Yunus, his eyes chanced on you;
He is a villein of you, better than Sultan.

Mystical explanation for Nasreddin Hodja Anecdotes

Removal of moon by Hodja

At some night Nasreddin Hodja comes to the garden in order to get water from the well. Just at the time he hang the bucket down, he saw the image of the moon which has fallen to the well. Nasreddin Hodja being in a stew, calls his wife:

— My dear, bring the hook hasty: Moon has fallen down to the well.

— Are you crazy men? How does it happen?

— How doesn’t it? It’s already in there. Come and see.

 Poor woman knows that she can’t explain the case to Hodja then she takes the hook and comes to the garden. Hodja throws the hook to the well trying to capture the moon. By chance, the hook hitches one of the stones in well. Hodja pulls, can’t remove, he tries harder. At the end when he pulls the rop with full strength, rop detaches. Hodja flats on his back, his head and waist injures. While rubbing his head and waist, he sees the moon staying in its own place.

—Thanks God, he says, I had many troubles but now the moon is at the right place.

Emre’s Explanation:

Doesn’t human body similar to the well? If we bring together the hundreds of pieces of a broken mirror, and look them, we see ourselves in each piece.  Human also is similar to these pieces of mirror. All of us are just the pieces of  (The Mighty ).

This (Big Sun) or (Moon ), has been fallen into the well of our body, actually mind. The story about throwing Joseph to the well,  also tries to tell this case.

Nasreddin Hodja, wants to tell how hard he had taken out (Moon) in his well of mind.

How the ones suffer who became absent in God then come and join us in order to save… The hook thrown by him to our well, is being hitching one of the stones of our mind; he pulls, doesn’t come, he pulls, doesn’t come, at the end, rop is broken and he tumbles. But, he forgot all of the troubles, now he is glad.

He said Oh! Thanks God , (Moon ), returned to its own place.

We offer this revelation to our readers, related with this meaning:

Birbirine uymaz bu iç ile dış:
Misâldir, seyredin, bahar ile kış;
Akıl bir aynadır, sen yere attın.
Kullarına, parça olmuş, yapışmış.

Kimisi uzundur, kimi yuvarlak,
Kimisi paslıdır, kimi de parlak;
Herkes, bulduğuna olmuştur mahkûm;
Dönüp hepsine dedin: (Doğru bak!)

Yüzünü görenler, aynaya göre;
Durmadan dönüyor, sanki bir küre;
Gözleri tamama düzgün görününğ,
Tarif etmek için, neylersin, köre…

(Ayanım) dersin de, olursun gaip,
Dostlarımdan beni eyleyin tâkip;
Oyunu oynayan, Yarabbi, sensin,
Nerede görelim acaba ayıp?

Yere düşen ayna, kırılmaz düzgün;
Hacme göre düşer tulû eden gün;
Bâzı akıl, olur daima gamlı,
Bâzı akıl, erer, her hâli düğün.

Hepsinden, Cânân! Sensin görünen,
Çerçevesi olmuş, bu kan ile ten;
İçine düşmüştür bu (Cism-i Lâtif),
Bakayım diyene görünür (beden).

(Emre), bin parçadan seyreder (Bir)i,
(Dış)ı ölü görür, (İç)ini diri;
İrâdeyi Ona eyledi teslim.
Birkaç yıllık mevtâ, bilmez tedbiri.

January 1.1952
Captured by: V.Değirmenci at 08:40
* The one who handed his will to Him is also dead : (Death before dying.)

This outside and inside are different;
Symbolised with Spring and winter.
You threw the intellect, it’s a mirror,
As a part, added to your mortals.

Some of them are tall, some round,
Some of them are rusty, some bright;
Everyone is sentenced to the found;
You said to each of them :“look right!”

Your face is seen through the mirror;
It’s always spinning just like a sphere.
The one having insight see you proper,
What to do, to describe to the blind?

You say “I’m obvious”, and disappear,
Saying“Follow me through my friends”;
My God, you are the unique player,
Where can we see an imperfection?

The fallen mirror doesn’t break evenly,
Sunlight shines according to the volume,
Sometimes mind is worried steadily,
Fully overjoyed after enlightened…

Through all, it’s your appearance, My Beloved,
A frame formed by this flesh and blood.
Inside, astral body is being covered,
Seen as body to those who wish to see.

(Emre), through thousands, watches (the One),
Sees the (outside) as dead and the (inside) alive.
He has handed Him his own will,
Knows no caution, is dead for a while…*