The Inner Source Digest – Unit: 1

The Inner Source Digest – Unit: 2

EMRE’s Conversations: 1

Notes from the conversation which were recorded in 01.12.1956:

Q.- In books which we read, a beginning of life is being assigned. Seeds are coming from the sky to our planet. By means of them, first life occurs in the marshes. Then the evolution in animals begin and finally human beings come to life.

Certainly, there is a beginning for earth also, it is drawn apart from the sun being as fire plasm; and after then life begins in the world. 

Emre– At any rate our minds are looking for a beginning and an end. So, the mind assimilates the beginning and designs something according to the previous knowledge. Is not there marshes like them today? Why doesn’t evolution continue today? But actually the explanations of scientists take place in the human body.

Q.- In what form did the first life occur?

Emre– It has no form or something. For life, there is neither beginning nor an end.

Q.- Another issue for human is that where does he/she come from and to where does he/she go? Does he/she keep the form which he/she has in this world, in the place which he/she will go after this life?

Emre– The words aren’t enough to explain the entirety of that subject. The mind also is not capable of understanding because of its “partial” form. The piece doesn’t understand the language of the whole. But he/she can understand if he/she desires and insists upon it. Very bad adjectivesare being used in Koran for the people who don’t know God. Is there any difference between a human who doesn’t know God and any ordinary living beings? Because the goal of all living beings is to eat, live and marry in order to prolong their species. There is neither coming nor going for them.

In some cases, the Koran compliments the people by saying “We are closer to him/her than the jugular vein .”  The Prophet Mohammed also says that  “God created human in the form of his own image, actually similar to him ”. That means there is a distinction between the one who knows God and who doesn’t. Besides, there is also a verse of the Koran saying : “ Can anyone who knows God be the same as the one who doesn’t know?” 

How many sperms are necessary in the fluid for a child to be born?

Q.- Approximately five million.

Emre- Five million living beings in a small amount of fluid. However, they all have ceased, except one. It also conjugates on a tissue similar to itself and they make love. The one coming from the father is alive; the one coming from mother becomes a safe place for it and then the afterbirth is released.

Now this world is also similar to the womb of a mother in which some people become alive by means of deep thinking. The others are being lost just like the five million sperm. The one which makes us alive, is this deep thought and knowledge. There comes a time in which no other knowledge is useful. But shall we throw them away since they aren’t useful? No, we will use them in appropriate way during our daily life. 

By means of these phases of contemplation, human reaches to a realm which is not possible to describe. The language of this realm is the language of the Holistic mind. Partial mind can’t understand it. The Prophet Mohammed says in this language which belongs to this realm  : “The one who saw me, also has sawn God .”  In order to understand this remark, it is necessary to enter this realm.

The one who is thinking about “what is God?” , can’t show bad attitudes and can’t commit a sin. Kindness always appeal from those type of human. It is similar to the eternal kindness of God towards to his own mortals. Is it possible for the one to commit a sin who awares that God is looking from his eyes, hearing from his ears and talking from his mouth? 

Q.- General Necati Tarcan says that  “İsmail Emre’s answers are so awesome, for some of the questions in his conversations even we are not able understand them. “

Emre– It is not easy to say it. Actually that’s the greatness. The one who says “I don’t understand”, actually means that he is on the way of understanding. There are a lot of names of God like Kelim(talker),Semî(listener ), Habîr(knower). If someone gives up his own self, just like this general,  the one who is saying and understanding is himself.

The people who is thinking in this way, start to grow in that path. If we mate the children who are in four or five age, can they have children? In order to marry and to have a child, they have to be grown up. For the human also who is in the stage of moral marriage (symbolic) , their inside begins to fill up… There is no death for them. How can the mind, that means partial mind believe in that?

Some people afraid because of their doubt about the necessity of leaving the worldly science and jobs. On the contrary, the people who gave up their job have been a disaster, a sponge for the world.  You saw the meeting in Ankara. Was there sponge ignorants between them? All of them were intellectuals.

Q.- A German professor, his doughter and her husband had come to visit Rumi in Konia. Professor said; “ I had been longing Rumi since 25 years “  .When he entered the place he took off  his shoes. When he came before, he cried such an entranced way, even the one who says “I am muslim, I love Rumi that much and I bless him “ , can’t cry like this.

Then he put his face and eyes on the stairs;  when he was going back did not turned his behind to Rumi. During this time he said a poem which is revealed from him in German. Professor Cemile saved this poem. They requested the translation of this poem from her. She said this poem is in such depth, a simple translation weakens its power.

Emre– That German professor is in the same level with Mevlânâ, actually he visits himself.

Q -After his visit to Konya, the Professor said “here everybody should have been in Rumi’s order but unfortunately I couldn’t see this. Today in Germany,  80 % of the people bond to Rumi’s order and they are superior than you. Our aim is to increase this to a level 100 % . “

Emre – It will be very well; All of the intellectual Christians will become Muslim.

Q.- He said “ We quickly compensated our losts despite we had defeated at war. We believe that the reason for this is our adherence in God. “

Emre – Look at that faith… But this isn’t a blind faith. A nation which have faith together with hard working.

Q. – We are lazy, beside we do not have a complete religious training.

Emre – Bigotry left us behind the century. It is indeed a very big service of Gazi’s (Atatürk) trial to remove the bigotry for this nation.

If we assimilate Islam to coconut, our Islam is just like eating the outer shell of this coconut. Now Europan crack the coconut and eat the fruit inside. That’s the real sufism. The Truth is to eat the fruit inside of this coconut. Our sufists assume that Islam and the Truth is to enter a cave and to tell his beads, tık! tık! Bead is also a symbol. Bead has 33 piece. That means bead describes and points to the Human. It means let the one who wants to seek the Truth, do it through the perfect human.  If we don’t understand the matter in this way then we circle in a loop continuously. There is also a symbol in bead ; (Imame) the head part in order to be rescued from this loop. This also points to the perfect human. Someone who holds the head, is rescued from the loop. Otherwise, he always circles in the loop.

Q. – It is said that everybody will be burned in hell as much as their sin, and then they will survive.

Emre – Look how the liars suffer. How the thieves and the ones who has harm virtue burn and fear. Are there better pungs of hell? So do the lazy ones; their inside also is not comfortable and lively. Beside how safe are the hard working, responsible people. We assume that Islam is faith healing. Instead of blowing them to the air, we need to absorb the meaning of the prays and verses heard.

Only the wise lovers know Islam and The Prophet Mohammed who is the institutor of Islam.  Because he lives in their eyes.

Now a German professor comes from Germany,  cries on the doorstep of Rumi. On the other hand we are so close to Rumi, but we don’t aware of him. What if this German professor is conducted in this subject…

Q. – So do Pakistani; they stand up while they are passing through Konia and stay in this position because of their respect for Mevlana until the train departs.

Emre – Only the people who get rid off the self related adjectives then find a moral peace, can turn their face of mind to there.

It’s very close; (pointing Europe) all of this side will be Muslim (pointing Russia) except this side.  They are the Antichrist of the world. There are also religious people in them. If they disappear, Russians will be destroyed. Nations without religion, can not live.

(We offer some part of a  “Doğuş-revelation”  which is revealed for this conversation on 24.7.1951)

Birbirine düşen, hepsi kardaş,
Bölük bölük olur, ederler savaş;
Bu doğan Deccal’a Mehdi! Gel, ulaş!
Gaflette durana işitilir hoş.

Hiçbir dinsiz millet burada yaşamaz,
Mutlak helak olur, daim koşamaz;
Ya put sevmelidir, veyahut namaz;
Gaflette durana işitilir hoş.

Her dinin bir ucu Hakk’a dayanır.
Din bir yoldur, giden mutlak uyanır;
(Emre) vardı, gitti; (Dost)unu tanır,
Gaflette durana işitilir hoş.

All those brothers, struggling,
Divided into groups, are fighting;
Oh Savior, come and face born Antichrist!
It sounds attractive to the one in delusion.

Here can’t survive any heathen nation,
Anyhow will be perished, can’t always run,
Either prayer or an idol must be loved;
It sounds attractive to the one in delusion.

One side of each religion is“The Truth”based;
Religion is a path; goer surely will be waked;
(Emre) has arrived and met his (holly Friend).
It sounds attractive to the one in delusion.

Q. – I wish they struggle with themselves and leave us in peace.

Emre – It will occur; so soon. If there is no water in some place, then there will be no life. The water of the societies also is morale and religion.

Q. – What will be the future of our religion?

Emre – It will be very good. We would have been reached this good future already if we didn’t hang up, peel some of the people who were trying to teach us the truth and the essence of our religion. But this is the way how it happens.

We want to solve everything by means of praying and faith healing. But the most valuable part of the religion is the inner part.

The knowledge and witnessing of The Prophet Mohammed is together with God. Physics, astronomy, chemistry are included in that witnessing. God and The Prophet Mohammed can’t be obeyed with faith healing. Instead it is possible by means of reading and understanding the meaning of Koran. Just before, this child read a section from a verse beginning with (Elif Lam Mîm). What’s that (Elif Lam Mîm)? That’s a crypto of the verse below it, moreover it is the whole of the Koran. What a useless trial to enter the inner side of Koran without understanding this. If The Prophet Mohammed had said this clearly, no one would obey to him. Because of that, he had said  “Tell everyone as much as he /she can understand” .

Someday while The Prophet Mohammed preaching, a beardless man was looking to our him admiringly. The Prophet Mohammed saw his love and smiled.  Beardless man assumed that he was smiling because of his infrequent beard and said ; “Do you lough me because I am beardless, Mohammed?” The Prophet Mohammed answered  “never mind! I’ve seen a lot of angels under your beard, and I’ve smiled because of this.”  Man loved this remark because of his traditional knowledge. He esteemed angels are the creatures flying through the air. Man was glad to have angels in his beard while looking for them in the air. Just in that case, The Prophet Mohammed said the truth according to his mind. How would he explain the truth to him?

Now lets look at the scientific explanation of this. Isn’t there a tissue, a gland under each bristle?  These are the angels. They give a service to us without a fee and an advantage. How could he explain this fact to the beardless man? Even today, how can you tell this to the conservative people? 

Q. – European theologists are graduated from at least one faculty. Most of them know three language. They are much honoured in their society. We have just an opposite case.  For this reason, it seems to me the future of our religion is in danger.

Emre– For God, there is no difference between a Muslim and a Christian. The one who works hard, who walks in true path, succeeds. Christianity, Islam are multitudes. God is in the unity. The reason of our being underdeveloped is lack of religious knowledge. 

Q.- We esteem Islam is just to say “Lâ ilâhe illallah”..

Emre – It’s not easy to say that. (Lâ) means absent. If you make absent and give up everything then God will emerge. “Lâ ilâhe” doesn’t mean “God doesn’t exist”;it means  “İlâh-idol doesn’t exist”. The idol means everything that you love other than God.  If they disappear, then God will emerge. There is a claim in using the word of “İllâ”. In order to claim, it’s necessary to know it really. Thus we have been saying  “those things we love or our assumptions are not God, but God is this actually! “ Can the one who doesn’t know God, claim “God is this! “? Just because of this, it’s not possible to say “Lâ ilâhe illallah” in real meaning. If the one who really knows God enters a mosque and say “You people! I know God” they would assoult him by saying “Crikey kafir!” If he says “I don’t know!” they would also assoult him. As a result, we are wedged between the two ignorance. One of our side is good deed, the other is sin. Although we don’t know what is sin or good deed actually. We count good deeds as ten, twenty, seventy five dood deed. What does that good deed mean? In Arabic language good deed “sevap” word means “sevb”  (cloth) originally; both of them are from the same root. That means good deed is to wear a good state, good moral as a cloth of character. It is not a countable thing just like money which is used to buy something in heaven.

(With this respect we offer that revelation to our readers):

Dostum! Seni çoğu arar camiden,    
Bulmak ister kilisede cam eden;    
Seni bilmez ikisine çok giden;     
Bir (Bilen)den okunmalı bu (Kitap).       

Kimi arar Kudüs ile Mekke’den,      
Kimi arar Hay! Hu! ile tekkeden;      
Seni bilir her kayıdı terk eden;   
Yetişmez mi arayana bu cevap?    

Kimi arar çok söyleyen (fakı)dan,      
Kimi arar sarhoş eden rakıdan,    
Seni bilir yürekten kan akıdan;     
Yürektendir aşıka olan şarap.    

Kimisi der: (Lazım bize tarikat);      
Bulmak ister o karanlıktan necat.     
Meydandadır: Bunların aklı sakat;      
Dünya gibi, bunlar da bütün serap.      

Hak bulunmaz kudüm ile, def ile;    
Eskidiler; sen aklından def’eyle;
Sen canını Hak için hedef eyle,
(Zevk) ile bul; boşuna çekme azap.

Sen devredip bitirdiysen azabı,
Sana açık o Dilber’in nikabı;     
Sen alırsın ummadığın cevabı;
Duyar isen, sana lazım bu sevap.

Birçoğunun bütün arzusu: (Uçmak),
Birçoğunun: (Tamu) odundan kaçmak;
Aklın ermez; nasıl kaçarsın, ahmak?
Gözün görmez; doğmuş iken afitap.

Aşık bilmez ne cennet, ne tamuyu;
Bilen için, bunlar bir dipsiz kuyu;
Daim içer (ilmi ledün) den suyu;
Çekmek için, elde lazım bir (Dolap).

Aşık olup, o dolabı çevirmeli,
Bu bilinmez sırra akıl ermeli;
Bir (Bilen) var, aklı ona vermeli;
(Emre)! dersin; kolay ise, durma, yap!


Many seek you in a mosque, my Friend,
In Church, the clusters intend to find.
The ones don’t know visiting both often,
This book must be read from the Knower.

Some seek you in Jerusalem and Mecca,
Some seek saying Hu! Hay! in dervish lodge;
The one knows you who gave up each string;
Isn’t that answer enough for the seeker?

Some seek you from a chatty preacher,
Some seek through the drink befuddler,
The one bleeding from heart is the knower;
Lover’s wine comes from the heart.

Some says: we need an order religious;
He hopes salvation from such darkness.
It’s obvious: they’re truly gormless;
Like the world all of them are mirage.

With drum and cymbal, The Right can’t be found,
They’ve gotten old; remove from the mind;
Take aim on your soul for the sake of God;
Find it with pleasure; don’t be tormented.

If you completed the cycle of pain,
Then the veil of Beauty will be open;
The answer unlooked-for, will be given;
If you hear, this good deed is your need.

Most people’s hope is to reach heaven,
From the Hell, most of them hope to run;
How do you escape fool? It’s beyond your ken,
The sun rised but you’re not able to see.

Lover deals neither heaven nor hell;
For a Knower, they’re like a bottomless well;
Always drinks the water of (secret knowledge)
To draw, the prerequisite is (waterwheel ) !

Being a lover and turning the waterwheel is needed,
This ineffable mystery must be apprehended.
(The Knower) is to whom mind must be delivered!
You say Emre! If it’s easy, don’t stop, just do it!


Q. – In order to be a good muslim,  is it necessary to have an education on theological sciences?

Emre – Most of the saints even aren’t aware of the theological sciences. They also don’t know how to read Koran because they have no education; they are ignorant. The aim of Koran is to adjoin the human being to God. It doesn’t matter to know reading or not. Even when an ignorant human have bonded to God, most of the scientists before him becomes helpless. The aim of the religion and sufism is to refine the morality. Can the university education that means just to interpret Koran, to analize it as a process of university education, accomplish the refinement process? Beside, it is also possible by means of reading and analizing Koran. But it’s necessary to understand and practice. Conversely we do the faith healing without understanding.

Q. – From what the sperm was created?

Emre – Sperm is nothing other than the water. It’s similar to a frog; it has front hands, back foots are joined; it’s very transparent.

In Koran it says “We created everything from water”. The life of everything is water. (Solid) Earth matter are few; its duty is to erect the body. Human is created mostly from sugar, as a matter of fact from the heavenly light.

Q. – Have Adam and Eve created from a sperm like this?

Emre – We have past and future; but life has neither past nor future. The mind wants to find a beginning and an end.  Even scientists also behave like this. They say earth is broken from the sun. These are not other than the assumptions.

In the book (Awakened Dreams) it is told very fine: Once upon a time, in devil’s country scientists were divided into two parts. The representative two important scientists were discussing in front of the listeners. According to their knowledge, sun was a celestial boiler. One was saying: “celestial boiler has 768 and a half handles”. The other said; “No, it’s actually 777”. That means compared to the God’s knowledge, the reason and knowledge and of a mortal is nothing more than this example. Those wise men want to go and live in Moon and Mars.  But the atmosphere of them is different than the earth. After some years later they will understand there is no possibility to go to Mars. You can’t close up your hand to a matter rotating fast. Stars are rotating so fast, their atmosphere becomes though because of this velocity. Air is transparent; sight and look can pierce the air, but human body can not. Does the sphere (earth) extracts its own belongings outside of its gravity?

Science awares of just one sun. Although there is no count, no limit of suns. Our sun is just like the heart of the other stars. There is nothing without heart. The heart of our earth is fire. Hasn’t our fever also distributed to our body from our heart? The heart of the universe is human also. All of the sufist books and Koran tries to tell this fact.

Stars analyze chemical matters and attributes coming from the sun, then they filter and transmit them to the earth.All of the stars are rotating. If the velocity of one breaks the other’s stability the one which became unstabilized is fired and then burst. From its burst, billions of pieces are distributed to the sky. So the meteors are those distributed pieces. But who knows in how many millions of years they can reach to us?

Most of the stars are in the state of gas. Showing them as a matter is the sunlight.  Most of them consists of chemical matters. All of them rotates by means of God’s command and sign. The science of the physicists and astronomers is correct but they just can’t see the one making rotate the stars. 

Q.– That’s the matter which everyone wants to solve. 

Emre – This case can’t be solved unless the human is solved.

Q. – What is your thought about the ship of Noah?

Emre – Most of the prophets had no tolerance and patience. They had cursed if the people they invited to the right path didn’t believe their remarks. Noah also started to tell the people around him about the existence of God. When they harrowed him, he cursed for all of the people’s doom. God said Noah: “Mount such a ship, take your children with you, take one pair from each animal, let them to be saved and disbelievers be stifled.”Then he mounted a ship, took one pair from each animal. Noah had seven children. One of his children had a bad movement. His brothers didn’t want to accept his boarding to the ship. But he was his own child and so Noah let him board but hold him back under a boiler. When he finished, the flood began, the ship heightened and disbelievers perished. Then the water covering all over the world is lowered. This is the outer part of the story. We have to believe this style also.  Let’s come to the inner (secret) version;

First of all, is it possible for the water to occupy all over the world? Then, isn’t a human similar to a ship if he lies horizontal on the back? Arms are similar to oar. What about the animals taken to the ship; which character of animal doesn’t exist in human?

Seven children, also corresponds to human being. Don’t we have seven holes in our head? Two eyes, two ears, two nose, and a mouth? The child with black face under the boiler is the ego. Doesn’t the face of the one who is under the control of ego becomes black? 

Which mine or poison, or antidote doesn’t exist in human’s body? There exist in human body all of the animals in universe with their forms. Beside that there exist a lot of oceans and rivers. Human is so grand and he is the center of the universe.

Here the symbols in the story of “Flood of Noah”  are trying to point the human being. It’s not true to explain this secret suddenly. Human doesn’t know the value of a thing which he didn’t effort for it. He can’t understand in spite of your endeavour to tell. He can’t believe. How can I know Germany even if you describe it to me? It’s necessary to go there to learn it. For this reason, The Prophet Mohammed said: “tell everyone as much as he could understand”. But if human starts to walk along this understanding path with the steps of his reason, can get rid of being ordinary people.

There exists such a secret of the truth, if it’s told suddenly, it becomes a poison for the ones who heard it. In order to believe, either a strong belief or a strong mental discipline is necessary. Mental discipline is actually a sin in our time. Instead a strong faith and love path is closer than this. We live in very beautiful period. Inner part that means morality improved just like the outer part. When I was experiencing mental discipline, it used to take six months to reach Mecca. Now it just takes six hours.  Arabs have a saying : “it’s necessary to forget the past”…

The real mental discipline is not to obey the ego. Although during the mental discipline all of our mental powers soften that means becomes stronger, different realms are opened. But the aim is God’s blessing, not the mental discipline.

Q. – What if the human exercise mental discipline without a guide?

Emre – He/she becomes crazy. This can not be achieved without a guide. Have you been a doctor without an instructor? The Prophet Mohammed said : “If I hadn’t an instructor, I wouldn’t know my God .”

Q.- Indian fakirs also exercise the mental discipline.

Emre – They are unbelievers. Because their goal in doing mental discipline is the self and ego. Their brains are like pregnant for this passion. When the time is appropriate, they give birth to this wish. Which prophet acted the way in which they are acting? Although all of the prophets had the ability to act just like them. But they didn’t prefer.

Most of the Indian fakirs have bond with Buda. Buda is also a prophet; he is one of the 124 thousand prophets. But he couldn’t give up the power to manage the natural forces, he got stuck on this state. He made raining; he ordered to fire not to burn! And the fire didn’t burn. But none of the prophets approved his prophethood. 

Q. – But the prophets also showed miracles.

Emre – They had shown miracles for a while and then they had given up. Because the people who saw the miracle, covet this state and stay there. The Prophet Mohammed also after some time passed, had shown the Koran as a miracle. The knowledge of deep secret in Koran can never be found in any other book. The Prophet Mohammed had given up working miracles quickly. If all of the saints have made raining,  people would not work. Miracle had been applied in times when it was really necessary. If we work hard, God gives us what we demand.

When Ziya Pasha was governer here, there had been a drought. Hodjas were praying for rain everyday. One of the Hodjas said  “Pasha also believes in God; let’s take him with us for praying”. Then they said  “my Pasha don’t you come with us praying for the rain?”, Ziyâ Pasha answered : “No, I ashame of to come before God and request rain”. They asked  “Why?”. He replied “What if God replies me “I gave you Seyhan and Ceyhan rivers. Don’t you ashame of requesting rain from me ?” How can I answer to him?”

Q. – Does the standing up of Rumi’s father before him have an interior meaning?

Emre –Yes. They have standed the cave up as a representation. Can a dead one stands up?  Isn’t prophet Adam father of Mohammed? But doesn’t Adam also need the mercy of The Prophet Mohammed? Their goal was to point this matter.

If something is born, it’s growing. For sure, our successors will be more intelligent from us. Look they are all shouting as youth! youth! . If a student have learnt from his teacher correctly, he/she will proceed more than this. The knowledge of the teacher lives the second life in his student, that means it’s progressing.

But son must not deny his father. If he denies, he will be perished then.

(Just during the writing of those lines electricity powered down. After writing for a while with the aid of match light strikened by uncle Duran, they brought a luxury lamp.  Emre pointing this lamb said  “How can you deny this luxury? Yes, electricity is more perfect from this but this also is father of electricity.”) 

Captured by: Şevket Kutkan

Mystical explanation for Nasreddin Hodja Narratives

 In this column, we will try to explain Nasreddin Hodja narratives to our readers with the aid of the new enlightment and vision offered by Emre. 

 Generally we assume Nasreddin Hodja as a mullah who is riding the donkey reversibly, taking the tail of animal to his hand, telling mostly absurd, sometimes laughable, even erotic narratives. Because it is not easy to separate intellectual self-respect of moral comic genius, we have imagined Nasreddin Hodja, this comic mullah who aimed to make lough us just as a man with beard and turban who took the tail of donkey. And then we tend to neglect him. The new and real vision which is offered by Emre takes us to a level, at which we look him with respect, maze and adoration. Nasreddin Hodja is not mentioned in sufi books, sufi history, but Emre is the first person who is saying that he is a great sufi and his narratives aim to inspire the truth and sufist morality.  This vision is an absolute touchstone in order to differentiate Nasreddin Hodja narratives from the fake ones.

In each unit, Emre will interpret and explain one or more narratives.

The first narrative is related with the late Remzi Oğuz Arık’s beloved memory which is related with a sad event. Their first meeting at Adana led by Dr. Operator İhsan Önal. During their conversation, Remzi Oğuz Arık have said Emre: “You claimed Nasreddin Hodja narratives have sufistic meaning. So let me tell you a narrative then you explain the sufistic meaning of it ” , and then he told this narrative:

“There was a house belonged to Nasreddin Hodja.  Some day Hodja says to his house: “Now you are exteremely old, almost you’ll be ruined. At least inform me the time of ruination so I can survive.  ” It says “ok ”.

After long time passed, some day the house is ruined. Good luck, Nasreddin Hodja was not in there. In the evening he came and saw that the house is ruined. He asked to the house: “So where’s you would inform me the ruination? ”. It says : “I’ve informed you a lot of times but you didn’t understand. One day my wall is disrupted, one day my grout is spilled. They were all for your information about my ravage. So, our language is in this way.”

Emre interprets this narrative such that: “Let’s think that the house is similar to a human body. The ravage of house is similar to death. Couldn’t be assimilated the disruption of wall, spill of grout etc. to our sickness, to the spill of our hear, teeth?”

While Emre interpreting this, Remzi Oğuz Arık wanted a pill from Dr. İhsan Önal in order to stop the pain in his teeth. Emre says for this case : “Look, house informs that one of its brick is about to drop ” this paraphrase and felicitous explanation, made the late so glad and he took some notes to his notebook..

Emre, completes the real meaning of article with these words:

“Anyway, this body structure will be ravaged because of the earthquake of death. The important thing is, before the ravage of this house, (by means of dying before death) to move to the eternal house , (Safe Place), that means to the loving mind  (gönül) of a perfect human.”